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 Post subject: May Althing
 Post Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 10:44 am 
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May Althing Items

Our May althing will be held on May 27 – 28, 2017. The following are the items to be voted on. Currently they all deal with changes and updates to our Corpora. As always please feel free to ask questions and discuss these items.

1.) Under Section V (Club High Offices)
part A.6 Have earned a Hydra that is current
Insert a new A.6.e - Current Kingdom High Officers cannot work towards earning a Hydra while in office.
This will prevent current officers from getting credit for duties they are already required to perform, and ensures that no 1 person may be in high office for more than 3 consecutive reigns without taking a break. This will require the current A.6.e and the rest of the items under section A.6 to be renumbered.

2.) Under Section X (Titles, Orders, Honors, and Awards) part E.22 Warrior
Remove item b. See adjacent table and add the Masterhood favor table from the rulebook.
This change does not affect any bylaws. It merely cleans up the layout of the awards section.

3.) Under Section IX (Subgroup Guildlines)
part E Awards and officer guidelines based on group size/status
Move “Paragon” Title to a kingdom level only award, removing the ability for the title to be awarded at park level.
This award should be given to a player for consistently being an excellent example of their class throughout the kingdom. A player should not only look and act the part of their class but be highly effective at playing their class. They should be considered an asset to their team and a scourge to their opponents when they take the field. Off the field they should be visible and take the lead in teaching new players how to play their class and when possible assist them with getting the necessary equipment to effectively play their class.

4.) Add to the header of Section VIII Kingdom Events:
Regularly scheduled Kingdom Events are listed below. In addition, a Kingdom Function announced at least 4 weeks in advance may be designated a Kingdom Event by joint agreement of the Monarch, Regent, and Champion.
This will allow the monarchy to designate additional events throughout each reign as Kingdom events encouraging the populace to travel between parks as well as creating additional opportunities for individuals seeking to earn their Hydra.

Edited - 5/11/2017 - Changed item 1 to be inserted at A.6.e and the current A.6.e and the rest of the items under A.6 to be renumber
Added Item 4 to the Althing.


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 Post subject: Re: May Althing
 Post Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 4:35 pm 
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Results for the Althing are as follows:
Item 1. 89 Yes, 19 No, 2 Abstain
Item 2. 97 Yes, 10 No, 3 Abstain
Item 3. 66 Yes, 42 No, 2 Abstain
Item 4. 102 Yes, 6 No, 2 Abstain

All Items Passed

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 Post subject: Re: May Althing
 Post Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:26 am 
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The corpora has been updated to reflect these changes: ... _05_28.pdf

Brennon wrote:
The V8 mindset is not about "what is the minimum I can get away with doing" but rather "how can we all use these rules fairly so the game runs smoothly and we all have a good time."

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