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End Reign Open Gallery A&S Tournament
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Author:  Tyrle de Felis [ Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  End Reign Open Gallery A&S Tournament

End Reign June 2018.

Experienced entries: May be previously awarded at any level. These are for reflecting on history of A&S in the EH, and to allow learning artisans to experience recognized work. Maximum of 3 entries please, categories below. (Only 1 copy requested on written entries.)
Award available: People's choice.

New Entries:
Available for any entry not previously awarded or entered at the Kingdom Level or above.

Summary: Usual Categories, Vectored Judging, No Group Entries, 5 Entry Max, 3 entries max per category. Scores over 3.5 added for placement, Average set at 2.5, Write-ups required, Open Gallery styled presentation, 5 page limit on written Entries. A People's Choice entry will also be recognized.


Be prepared to have a way to maintain your own dish until it can be judged (hot/cold). Bring plates, cups and utensils if they will be needed to judge your entry.
• Appetizer: A dish intended to be served as an appetizer.
• Main: Course: A dish intended to be served as a main course.
• Dessert: A dish intended to be served as a dessert.
• Other: A dish or drink that does not fit into any other category.

*Crafted: Home brewed, fermented, or otherwise crafted alcoholic beverages fall into this category.
*Mixed: Not home brewed, but utilizing a specific recipe. If the recipe is original to you, please note such details in your presentation.
(Food entries will be judged first, to aid presentation for the entrant.)

Please include 6 copies of all writing entries.

• Factual: Writing that presents factual information such as a process, event or research of some kind. Examples would be weaponsmithing instructions, a recounting of an Amtgard event or a history of the Mongols. When presenting researched information, it is a good idea to cite references and give credit.
• Fictional: Writing that is not intended to be factual such as persona histories and stories.
• Poetry: Poetic verse.
• Publications: Published works such as newsletters, books, collections of articles, etc. These entries are judged on the editorial content only, such as presentation, suitability of the collection, format, etc. It is not necessary that the entrant have written every article. However, articles should never be published without the author's consent and credit should be given. Any work not done by the entrant should be noted.


• Singing: A vocal presentation with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Oratory: A vocal presentation with no expectation of rhythm or pitch; i.e. Storytelling, jokes and theatrical pieces.
• Instrumental: A musical presentation performed on an instrument with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Dance: A presentation of bodily movement with some expectation of rhythm.
(Bardic entries will run based on time slots. If entrants have multiple time commitments, please coordinate with me, so I can help you meet your time obligations. Open Gallery will be restricted during bardic performances to reduce distractions for contestants.)


• 2-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from only one side such as drawings, paintings, stained glass, relief carving, computer graphics, etc.
• 3-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from at least 3 sides such as sculptures, painted miniatures, stuffed animals, blown glass, etc.
People often enter things into this category that would do better in Passive Construction. 3-D art is judged primarily on artistic presentation; Passive Construction is judged primarily on construction. A stained glass box would go into either 3-D Art of Passive Construction depending on what the entrant wanted to focus.


• Fighting: A major item of garb intended to be worn in battle such as tunics, pants, tabards, shirts, etc.
• Court: A major item of garb not intended to be worn in battle such as dresses, doublets, cloaks, etc.
• Monster: A major item of garb that would qualify as garb for a monster in the Amtgard Rulebook.
• Favor: A garb accessory intended to be worn on one's belt.
• Jewelry: A garb accessory intended to be worn as jewelry such as crowns, coronets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
• Accessory: A minor item of garb such as hats, belts, shoes, bracers, etc. that would not fit into another category.


• Passive: Something not intended to go onto the battlefield such as boxes, steel weapons, decorative wooden weapons, stuffed animals, etc. This is a category for constructed items that would not fit into another category.
• Active: Something intended to be used on the battlefield such as ballistae, bows, fighting wands or throwing mugs. This is a generic category for things that would not fit into armor, weapon, or shield construction yet are still intended for rough battlefield use.

• Armor: Something that would qualify as armor by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as padded armor, gambeson, chainmail, brigantine, greaves, thigh plates, helmets (although they would not actually count as armor), etc.
• Weapon: Something that would qualify as a weapon by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as sword, spear, arrows, rocks, throwing daggers, madus, etc.
• Shield: Something that would qualify as a shield by rulebook standards in Amtgard.
• Banner: Something intended to be used as a banner and judged on construction and appearance

Open Gallery Presentation: Specific requests have been made for no presentation of entries to judges. At this event, this will be recognized. Sign in time: 10-11 am, June 23. Open Gallery is available for all to peruse from 11-3, spectators may sit to watch for bardic performances. This is intended to function as an exhibition, so thorough writeups including any additional details you wish the judges to know are requested. Suggested information to include category, title, materials (required for food), time to prepare, specific techniques used, any new techniques you are requesting specific feedback on. Scores and feedback will be available by Tuesday, June 26.

Author:  Tyrle de Felis [ Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: End Reign Open Gallery A&S Tournament

Barbarian Skirt 3.03 overall
Court Garb, purple dress 3.25 overall
Dorag 3.2 overall
Fighting Garb 3.24 overall

Old Jer-
Paracord Belt 2.88 overall

Bismuth 4.25 Overall
Snaggles 4.19

Goblin 2.85

Anonymous Entry
JC Court Jerkin 3.96

Landscape 3.65
Portrait 3.59

Boat battle game 3.16

The exact breakdown is available upon request, along with comments.

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