Hrast was cool enough to give me pictures of coronation to scan! yeah Hrast!

It slices, it dices, it juliannes... Sir Lief knew that sword belt would come in handy. Feast rocked!

Next came our annual fundraiser, "Pie in the Face"
Glavis came all the way from Rising Winds (Indiana) to visit, so we pied him in the face!

Ice just needed to be pied

Sir Squeak! was an innocent victim of a conspiracy started by her Evil Sister Moogie (not that this page could be biased)

Eclipse was supposed to get pied, but she's Queen, and apparently some of the populous is loyal, so Ice (who didn't get enough punishment the first time) took the pie for her (yeah Ice!)

Sir Rath made the list (lesson learned: GM of Reeves=walking target *G*)

Court jesters, Sir Taldak and Squire Og, could never be left out of the fun!

I included some Gratuitous Zooms just in case anybody whose picture was included isn't sufficiently embarrassed. I think they are spiffy.