Sun Nov 20, 2005 10:34 pm

Congratulations to Blaise for winning Crown Qualz XXXVI.

Here is the overall average for each Crown Qualz entrant:

Name Entries Categories Average
Blaise 12 10 4.226
Shef 12 11 3.606
Chagrin DeMorte 4 4 3.534
Septumus Dio 9 9 3.528
Gabriel 5 5 3.528
Forest Evergreen 7 7 3.511
Sutra 11 6 3.403
Faith Silverose 10 10 3.341
Clio Ninetails 10 10 3.315
Firestalker 10 10 3.094
Brennon 13 13 2.741

Below are the Individual Scores of each entrant.  The Category breakdown will be posted shortly.

Name Code Item Score
Sutra A2D-1 Japanese Horse 4.200
Sutra C2AR-2 Leather/Chain Mail Armor 3.550
Sutra C2AR-3 Leather Gauntlets 2.825
Sutra GC-6 Elven Coronet 3.300
Sutra GC-7 Roman Gladiator/Soldier Top 2.125
Sutra WFA-3 Newbie Guide - How to Sword/Shield/Character Write-up 3.900
Sutra WFI-2 Roleplay - Spirit Walk 3.100
Sutra WFI-3 Roleplay - Eryn Lesgalen 3.075
Sutra WPU-1 Something Corporate 4.200
Sutra WPU-2 Assassin Contract 3.750
Shef A2D-3 Welcome to the Jungle Monster Art 4.275
Shef BS-4 Born on the List Field 3.825
Shef BS-5 Fields of Athenrye 4.075
Shef C1A-6 Spicy Yakitore 4.125
Shef C1D-6 Millionaire Pie 2.550
Shef C1M-7 Apricot Glazed HAM 3.425
Shef C1O-6 Dreamwhip Pumpkin Pie 3.175
Shef C2B-3 NightHawk Banner 3.475
Shef GFI-6 NightHawk Tunic 4.275
Shef WFI-6 Prologue - A step into the void 3.375
Shef WPO-7 Lucid madness 3.350
Shef A3D-1 Miniatures Set 3.350
Septumus Dio C1A-1 french bread with bruschetta oil dip 3.100
Septumus Dio C1D-1 pappa's pie 3.950
Septumus Dio C1M-1 squirrel hash (stew) 4.575
Septumus Dio C1O-1 empanada 3.000
Septumus Dio GA-1 leather pouch 2.550
Septumus Dio GC-1 black velvet cloak with blue velvet lining 4.125
Septumus Dio GFI-1 black tabard with fancy stitching 2.950
Septumus Dio WFA-1 how i caught the squirrels for my squirrel hash 4.425
Septumus Dio WFI-1 character background for Septumus Dio as told by a bard 3.075
Gabriel BO-3 The Tell Tale Heart 3.750
Gabriel C1M-4 Chicken Parmesan 4.388
Gabriel C1O-3 Mashed Potatoes 2.975
Gabriel C2W-3 Spell Balls 3.150
Gabriel WPO-3 What to Enter for Crown Qualz 3.375
Forest Evergreen BO-4 St. Crispains Day 4.400
Forest Evergreen BS-3 The Rainbow Connection 3.625
Forest Evergreen C1O-5 Dressing 3.475
Forest Evergreen R-2 How to Run a Double Elm Tourney 1.875
Forest Evergreen WFA-5 history of Roddy McCorley 4.050
Forest Evergreen WFI-4 Dead Men 3.425
Forest Evergreen WPO-4 Poison of an Insect 3.725
Firestalker C1A-3 Feta Salad 3.113
Firestalker C1D-7 Rhubarb Pie 3.875
Firestalker C1O-7 cornbread 2.850
Firestalker C2P-2 Chain Hacky 3.000
Firestalker C2W-4 Sword 2.975
Firestalker GA-4 Lady's Muffin Hat 3.250
Firestalker GFI-4 Open Tunic 3.000
Firestalker GJ-2 Knights Chain 3.150
Firestalker R-3 newbie assassin kit 2.675
Firestalker WPO-8 poem 3.050
Faith Silverose AP-1 Little Assassin 3.475
Faith Silverose BD-1 Bellydancing 3.175
Faith Silverose BS-2 Don't Leave Nobody but the Baby 3.625
Faith Silverose C1A-2 Twice Pickles 3.088
Faith Silverose C1D-3 Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies 2.825
Faith Silverose C1M-3 Camp Chili 3.100
Faith Silverose C1O-2 Olive & Cucumber Salad 3.350
Faith Silverose C1V-1 Spiced Citrus Cider 3.913
Faith Silverose GC-5 Red and Gold Court Gown 3.700
Faith Silverose GJ-1 Chain Mail Choker 3.163
Clio Nintailes WPO-5 Ode to Gutermann 3.175
Clio Ninetales C2B-2 Sable Pride Banner 3.375
Clio Ninetails AP-2 Stewie & Red 3.100
Clio Ninetails C1A-4 White Bean Chicken Chile 3.425
Clio Ninetails C1D-4 Sweet Potato Pie 3.000
Clio Ninetails C1M-5 Rosemary Grand Game Hen 3.300
Clio Ninetails C2W-5 Pretty Sword w/Big Pommel 3.650
Clio Ninetails GFI-5 Green Emerald Hills Sleeveless Tunic 3.625
Clio Ninetails GJ-3 Jewlery Set Inspired by Regent's Crown 2.675
Clio Ninetails WFA-4 Interview with Dame Linden Tul 3.825
Chagrin DeMorte BI-1 The Foggy Dew 3.825
Chagrin DeMorte BS-1 Red is the Rose 4.075
Chagrin DeMorte GA-3 Squire's Belt 3.163
Chagrin DeMorte WPO-2 That's how I take care of my Brother 3.075
Brennon C1M-6 Chili 3.900
Brennon C1A-5 Shrimp kabbobs 3.613
Brennon C2AR-4 Brown Leather Bracers 3.250
Brennon C2S-2 Flame Coven Shield 3.125
Brennon WPO-6 Sword Knight Heiku 3.075
Brennon C1V-2 Vanilla Tea 2.950
Brennon R-1 Spaulders Studded Red leather 2.825
Brennon C1D-5 Cream Cheese Brownies 2.800
Brennon GA-5 Green Suede Pouch 2.675
Brennon C1O-4 Potato Augratin 2.625
Brennon C2P-3 Silver Topped Cane 2.000
Brennon C2W-6 Flame Blade Flat Blade 1.675
Brennon WFI-5 Brennon Charater  Sheet 1.125
Blaise BO-1 Mark Me 4.875
Blaise BO-2 Renascence by Edna St. Vincent Millay 4.500
Blaise C1D-2 Black Forest Pudding Pie 4.350
Blaise C1M-2 Portobello Chili 4.325
Blaise C2AR-1 Augmented Chain/Plate & Studded Lthr/Brig 4.150
Blaise C2AR-5 Studded hardened leather 4.500
Blaise C2S-1 Sunflower of Protection 4.050
Blaise C2W-1 Polearm 3.050
Blaise GC-2 Ladies Renaissance Inspired Dress 4.225
Blaise GFI-3 Warlord Tunic 4.663
Blaise WFA-2 Bracketed Fighting Tournament 4.125
Blaise WPO-1 Streaming and Conscious 3.900