Crown Quals

Dec 6, 2003

Single Short Sword: 1st Brennon, 2nd Ice, 3rd Kerb.
Sword and Dagger: 1st Brennon, 2nd Ice, 3rd Zig.
Sword and Madue: 1st Grin, 2nd Steel, 3rd Kerb.
Great Weapon under 6ft.: 1st Grin, 2nd Ice, 3rd Kerb.
Shield and any weapon not a sword: 1st Brennon, 2nd Ice, 3rd Kerb.
Magic Bolt Fight: 1st Brennon, 2nd Seal, 3rd Talthyr.
Sword and Shield: 1st Brennon, 2nd Phred, 3rd Nicodemos.
Flourentine (under or at 36inch): 1st Ice, 2nd Brennon, 3rd Phred.
Single Long Sword (stabbing only): 1st Nicodemos, 2nd Phred, 3rd Grin.
Pole and Dagger: 1st Ice, 2nd Brennon, 3rd Phred.
Open Weapons: 1st Brennon, 2nd JuJu, 3rd Seal.
2 person teams: 1st JuJu, Skullband. 2nd Brennon, Thordor. 3rd Martello, Rayel.
3 person teams: 1st Phred, Kerb, Grin. 2nd Brennon, Thordor, Skullband.
3rd Martello, Rayel, Yoni
Archary: 1st Brennon, 2nd Dante', 3rd Boomer, Talthyr
Javalin Throwing: 1st Brennon, 2nd Boomer, Thordor, Talthyr, 3rd Elder.
Dagger Throwing: 1st Rayel, 2nd Thordor, Doladar, 3rd Brennon, Elder.

Points results:
Brennon 33
Ice 12
Grin 10
Phred 9
Thordor 8
Kerb 7
JuJu 5
Skullband 5
Rayel 5
Nicodemos 4
Talthyr 4
Seal 3
Boomer 3
Martello 2
Dante' 2
Elder 2
Steel 2
Doladar 2
Yoni 1