Weaponmater XXXVI results

Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:14 pm

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
Single Long Sword Brennon Kerb Logan
Sword and Shield Brennon Tugan Kerb
Florentine Swords Brennon Markosias Ice
Single Dagger Logan Brennon Ice
Competitive Spell Ball Duels Markosias Hades Brennon
Single Short Sword Brennon Kerb Wolvie
Offhand Sword and shield Kerb Brennon Tugan
Open Weapon Auromax Brennon Kerb
Pole and Dagger Brennon Kerb Wolvie
Weapon Scramble Brennon Scytale Kerb
Target Spell Ball Toss Wolvie Nettle Rayel
Rankings Tally Total
Weaponmaster Brennon 3+3+3+2+1+3+2+2+3+3 25
Kerb 2+1+2+3+1+2+1 12
Markosis 2+3 5
Wolvie 1+1+3 5
Logan 1+3 4
Auromax 3 3
Tugan 2+1 3
Hades 2 2
Ice 1+1 2
Scytale 2 2
Nettle 1 1
Rayel 1 1
 (For those who were paying attention, Morgan remains Kingdom PM and there will be two vacant seats on the RGK due to a lack of candidates.)