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 Post Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:30 pm 

Joined: Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:48 am
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Here are the items up for discussion and vote thus far:

Item One: Pass/Fail

Corpora reorganization

In the course to educating the officers of the many new parks that have petitioned the Emerald Hills I have fielded many questions from many first time readers of our Corpora. Unfortunately my answers too frequently were given by my knowing the obscure second place to look. Also, the lack of a table of contents, and the inability to simply apply one because the document is manually formatted, has been a frequent annoyance. When I tried to manually make an outline it only further exposed the poorly healed scars from previous battles and applications of first-aide bandages. Basically, grouping and reorganizing the subgroup guidelines last term was a good start, but only the tip of the iceberg. After having assorted conversations with newcomers and veterans alike about how awkwardly our bylaws are presented I decided to see what would happen if one was to tear down the corpora and put it back together with a cohesive vision.

My proposal is to agree upon the document if only as a fresh slate from which to work instead of continuing on with the mutilated antiquity the next generation is set to inherit that it practically takes a decoder ring to find some topics in. It is available for viewing in the EH library because all of the Kingdom PM’s I’ve worked with have sanctioned the conversion therefore it is law unless the people choose to veto my decision.

*Yes, let’s proceed with the reformatted Corpora
*No, this totally sucks in some way and I won’t stand for it


Item Two: Pass/Fail

Confederate subgroup guidelines:

Amternational culture and politics has come a long way since the birth of the Rising Winds and the fall of Tal-Dagore. While the “Floating Crown” model has been tested and accepted the birth of one has never been well documented that I’m aware of, much less standardized. If passed the following proposal would be inserted into the EH Corpora of Bylaws as a continuance of section IV Subgroup (Park) Guidelines. My goal is to offer an outline for dreamers like those banding together under the budding Dreadmoor banner to follow and as such this has been designed to mirror the established outline for the Static Kingdom model, as defined by Amtgard, Inc (the Burning Lands).

D. Confederate Subgroup Guidelines
1. Confederating Shires – A cooperative of at least three official EH subgroups with a desire to be self governing and:
a With a proposed center at least 150 miles from the Geographic Center of Duncanville, Texas
b Located in three separate cities within 75 miles of the proposed center point
2. Confederate Barony – A successfully contracted confederation of Shires that, as an entity, has met all the requirements of a regular barony and as such is allowed all Baronial level powers so long as it maintains at least two parks.
3. Confederate Duchy - A Confederate Barony that, as an entity, has met all the requirements of a regular Duchy and as such is allowed all Duchy level powers. To be promoted to this level the Confederacy of Parks shall also contain within the proposed exclusive territory at least two parks that include at least one barony.
4. Confederate Grand Duchy
a The Confederacy of Parks shall have reached an overall average attendance of sixty (60) players per weekend per month for twelve (12) months
b Shall have been a Confederacy for at least four years
c Shall have maintained within the proposed exclusive territory at least two parks including at least one barony
5. Confederate Principality
a The Confederacy of Parks shall have reached an overall average attendance of seventy-five (75) players per weekend per month for eighteen (18) months
b Shall have been a Confederacy for at least five years
c Shall contain within the proposed exclusive territory at least two parks and at least one duchy or two baronies
d Met all expectations of the Burning Lands Kingdom Contract including, but not limited to, existence of a consistent Duchy level of authority for at least two years
e Submitted, with the blessing of the EH, preliminary documentation and requested a presentation slot on the voting portion of the agenda CoM meaning they are merely waiting the required year for the next CoM meeting
f May give any non-excluded award up to level eight (8).
g Potential candidates need to enter a minimum of eight (8) entries per tournament in The Crown Qualifications as per kingdom Monarch


Item Three: Pass/Fail

Extend the privilege of dues and event fee exemption to the champion by adding “Is not required to pay any event fees or dues during his/her term” to section IV:F

Yes, I always assumed that was already in the corpora.
No, I like that it isn’t there.


I will accept any further agenda items I receive over the weekend and lock the agenda Sunday at Midnight.

Remember, there can be another Althing as soon as January to make any minor tweaks or dig into anything unexpected that reorganization of the text may have brought to light.

Also, Park PM's: don't forget to make announcements the next two weekends about Elections, Quals and the Althing!

Thy Queen,
Contessa Baroness Riddari Faunna Demonspawn

 Post subject: Re: Althing Agenda
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:25 am 

Joined: Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:48 am
Posts: 95
Questions pertaining to item two:

#1 How will the non-Texas parks be effected if the Althing item about the Confederacy fails?

They will remain exactly as I have encouraged them to be... a collection of parks with regional spirit being as inter-cooperative as possible and as self-governing as allowed because they are plenty far enough away (at least a four hour drive from where I am north of Dallas) to be a kingdom someday by the regulations on page 65 of the rulebook.

#2 Are all the parks up north going to be included in the Confederacy?

No park will be forced to join a confederacy; however, if an EH park does not opt-in to join a local-to-them EH confederacy and that union does eventually become a fully recognized kingdom by the Circle of Monarchs then the EH should release that park from their contract (to be a freehold) as an act of respect for the 75-mile exclusive radius of another kingdom, in keeping with the spirit of page 65 of the rulebook.

Specifically, Souls Crossing' (Tennessee) has decided that they are much too far afield to join Dreadmoor (Oklahoma-ish). In fact, if this passed and they were so inclined they could rally the freeholds around them to start a pre-kingdom in that unclaimed region.

#3 How do we include those parks/players in EH things such as their running for office--how would that work with them being so far away?

Currently it's the same as if Brock Argenta of the Rising Winds had won his bid for Monarch so many years ago before RW achieved Kingdom status. As it stands the same rules apply to them as us. Assuming one has declared residency, is dues paid and is active they can run for office and are equal to any other EH citizen, with the exception of voting on spending/the treasury.

#4 If this passes, what then?

Nothing, in the short term. We will have allowed for the creation of confederacies, outside the EH centralized authority, in our bylaws; however, there will be no mechanism for creating them. You will notice that the corpora doesn't include the mechanism for creating ANY park, it just *defines* them.

My vision, which I have discussed with the BOD (well anyone who would listen and the BOD is a captive audience with contract experience and a relevant authority) is to create an contractual addendum page that could be added to the existing contract of any park that both qualifies for a confederacy membership and chooses to opt-in to any such entity.

Just like the existing contracts (the petitioning and the official) legal provisions are a natural part of the document. If the citizens of EH feel there are holes to be plugged some may be appropriate as a legal provision of the contract addendum while others may belong in the bylaws... some may have a place in both.

Furthermore, the addendum should only be an option to "official" EH parks; that is, a confederacy addendum shall never be part of a petitioning contract as far as I am concerned. A new park should have to petition EH, meet the stipulations outlined in the petition like any other park, and then, IF they are offered an official contract, would have the *option* of joining a local-to-them confederacy.

I'm sure I haven't answered everything, in truth, I expect an encourage more questions... the agenda item is an invitation to open a public discourse! Voting to allow the formation of confederacies under EH law, and define a standardized path to Floating Crown kingdom-hood in the process, is only the first step.

If you are nervous about your question(s) feel free to contact me privately (by private message or

Thy Queen

 Post Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:27 pm 
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All votes received have been counted and here are the results:

Item One - Corpora Reorginization: PASS (37y 5n)
Item Two - Confederate Subgroup Guidelines: PASS (39y 3n)
Item Three - Champion dues/event Exemption: PASS (41y 2n)

Thank you Park PMs for your work on organizing your park's Althing!

Lady Carmony

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