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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:23 pm 

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Populace of the Emerald Hills,

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the park and voted/voiced their opinion on the Anti-Violence Policy. The Kingdom has decided by a clear majority that they want a policy like this in place. However, the wording received a plurality, but not a clear majority.

Section 1 Yes-39
No- 9

Section 2 A As is- 19
B No- 13
C Needs Changes- 17

We have decided to reschedule the next Althing to be Dec 9/10. We will be voting on what policy the Emerald Hills would like to adpot. There will be 2 choices, the current wording and a new wording based on submissions from the Kingdom. The deadline for new policy suggestions and any other suggested Althing agenda items is Monday Nov 20th by midnight. The policies and the Althing agenda will be posted by Nov 24th leaving 2 weeks before the vote on Dec 9/10. All parks will submit their votes to the Kingdom PM by Tuesday Dec 12th midnight.

All suggestions for the policy and Althing agenda items need to be sent to

Queen Reine Von Doom

Althing 10.28.06

1. Do we as the Emerald Hills want to adopt a anti-violence standard policy:
a. Yes
b. No

2. Do you approve the below document to be adopted by the Emerald Hills:
a. Yes- as is
b. No
c. Needs Changes- This is my initial proposal designed to solicit feedback. If this doesn't pass, what are some of the concerns that need to be addressed before you will support it? Please indicate changes in the body of the policy.

Anti-Violence Standard for Amtgard Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills is committed to maintaining an environment free from threats and acts of intimidation and violence. All reported incidents will be investigated and any report of physical violence at an event will result in the immediate ejection from the event. The Autocrats, Monarchy, PM, Champion, and Head of Security also have the right to call the local police if there is bodily injury or property damage.

Any act of intimidation, threat of violence, or act of violence committed against any person on the property known as Tanglewood Forest, Silver City Texas is strictly prohibited.

Intimidation/Threat of Violence: A physical or verbal act which threatens bodily harm to another person or damage to their property which would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety, the safety of their property, or the safety of others.

Act of Violence: Any physical act meant to cause injury to a person or their property regardless of the outcome of the action (i.e. throwing a punch and missing does not excuse the action).

Suspected violations of this standard shall be reported to the Monarch, Regent, Champion, PM, GMR, or a security member, who will then take immediate responsibility of investigating such act.

The Monarch, Regent, Champion, PM, GMR, security team member, or person in authority who receives a report of a suspected violation of this standard shall document the incident, investigate the incident and, in the case of any substantiated occurrence of physical violence, immediately notify the local police authorities.

As determined by the Monarch and Prime Minister or GMR of the Emerald Hills, any act of Intimidation or Threat of Violence, shall result in the person or persons involved being immediately ejected from the event site. Any person or persons found to be in violation of this standard may be subject to criminal prosecution as well as club discipline including possible banning from future Amtgard events and gatherings for a time period as determined by the Monarch of the Emerald Hills.

Stand alone policy and will not be placed in the corpora or waiver.

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