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 Post Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:28 am 

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Before I post the results for the althing items, I must express thanks to our park PM's, they are amazing!!! To be able to run a Kingdom level 11 item althing and contested Kingdom PM election during Dreadmoor Midreign, as well as having a Kingdom PM out of touch most of the week due to personal health is one reason why ya'll are awesome!!! Thank you all for helping me look good for the last 6 months.

Althing Ballot:

1) Change all references from "Class Masterhood" to "Paragon" and alter X.B to refer to the Amtgard Rulebook regarding Paragons. Including removing the table of obsolete favor colors.

2) Remove all references to "Relics" from the corpora.
Also add V.B.10 Monarch: "May distribute Magic Items at his/her discretion. See the Amtgard Rulebook for specifics about Magic Items" And renumber other items appropriately.

3) Change II.A to: "The Emerald Hills credit system allows a player to be able to
(normally) earn a maximum of 2 (Two) attendance credits in their chosen fighting class per week (The Amtgard “week” starts on Tuesday). A player may earn 1 (One) attendance credit per day by attending a regular gaming day at an Amtgard Park. Fighting class credits require playing the chosen class in a battlegame. Players who Reeve may instead earn a Reeve credit. Players who attend, but do not participate in combat (or have reached their fighting class attendance credit maximum for that week) instead earn a Color credit. Note that special event credits do not count towards the maximum. Full credit award breakdowns are listed in the following table:”
Also remove "Fighting practice" from the table in Section II: Credit System

4) Decree that Mid-Reigns and Coronations (normally) award 3 Credits.

5) Remove VI.C Kingdom Ombudsman. And renumber other items appropriately.

(The main reason is it's a tough challenge to find someone willing to serve that is universally viewed as impartial. Also it is unnecessary because the Amtgard Ombudsman is more visible, and is not involved in the EH in any way and so they are truly an impartial outsider.)

6) Change Class Guildmaster terms to be open ended. The term may be ended by the Guildmaster resigning, being removed, or a new election may be called for by 3 dues paid members of the guild to occur at the next crown elections.

(This allows the most knowledgeable person about the class to be the go to person for information and testing until they are ready to step down. And not the first person to declare for every GM slot.)

7) Change VI.F.5 to clarify what "participate" means: "One must have received a credit in a guild in the past six months in order to vote for or run for that class guildmaster"

8) Change VI.F.9 to: "Guildmasters may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of all dues paid members of that guild, or by joint agreement of the Monarch, and either the PM or GMR"

9) Change how subgroup size is determined to “Average weekly attendance: The number of players above the age of 8 that sign in at a given park during an Amtgard Week (Tuesday to Monday).”

(This will better reflect the number of potential participants on any given park day. This will also allow visitors to count towards the average, but tie it to weekly player attendance at that park, rather than monthly resident participation.)

10) Authorize the Monarch to spend up to $4000 to purchase a storage trailer for the kingdom property. Any overage may be submitted to the next Althing for reimbursement.

11) Clarify that the EH Zero tolerance policy applies to any Amtgard event and not just Amtgard events held at Tanglewood Forest.

Item 1
Yes: 103
No: 16

Item 2
Yes: 108
No: 11

Item 3
Yes: 104
No: 16

Item 4
Yes: 108
No: 12

Item 5
Yes: 80
No: 37

Item 6
Yes: 86
No: 31

Item 7
Yes: 115
No: 3

Item 8
Yes: 108
No: 11

Item 9
Yes: 71
No: 48

Item 10
Yes: 109
No: 10

Item 11
Yes: 105
No: 15

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Brennon wrote:
The V8 mindset is not about "what is the minimum I can get away with doing" but rather "how can we all use these rules fairly so the game runs smoothly and we all have a good time."

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