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 Post subject: The Blade that Waits
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2023 10:12 am 
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Father Fionnigan stumbled through the nave of his church running into the last pew on the left hand side. He lifted his robes above the wound in his side to assess the damage. The cut had been fairly deep and he was bleeding at a disturbing rate. He knew if he didn’t get to the Houses of Healing soon he would most certainly die

The assassin had crept into his church Our Lady of the Perpetual Sorrows in the middle of the night. If Father Fionnigan hadn’t heard a disturbance down the hall from the rectory the assassin might have been successful in his charge. Which Father Fionnigan assumed was his murder. Father Fionnigan lit a candle placed it in a candlestick and began to make his way into the main hall of the church peering into the darkness ahead of him to locate the source of the noise he had heard. Then suddenly an assassin dressed in the typical black leather armor of the Royal Assassin’s Guild sprung out of the darkness at Father Fionnigan. The assassins first swing was well placed striking Father Fionnigan in his belly. The pain from the stabbing was sudden and overwhelming. Father Fionnigan stumbled for a momment but caught his feet just as the assassin was taking another swing. Father Fionnigan was now working on battle mind and his senses were heightened. He side stepped this new attack and as the assassin was passing by him Father Fionnigan caught him by the arm. The two struggled over possession of the blade. In the end Father Fionnigan managed to wrench the blade from his attacker. Having gained the blade and the upper hand in the struggle Father Fionnigan brought the butt end of the blade handle down hard into his attackers face. He felt and heard the crunch of bone as he broke the man’s nose. The assassin stumbled for just a moment and tried to regain his footing but it was too late Father Fionnigan was upon him, his many years as a warrior and soldier in the Imperial Army were finding their way back into his body. He caught the assassin around his chest and drove the blade into the man’s neck feeling blood spill from the wound. The assassin went limp in Father Fionnigans grasp and slid to the floor below. Father Fionnigan gathered himself and prepared to make his way to the Houses of Healing

"A mind needs books as a sword needs a wetstone, if it is to keep it's edge.”
Tyrion Lannister

I do not suffer fools gladly, and fools with white belts never.

Mortem proditoribus.

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