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Fionnigan sat by the window, and stared out over the emerald spires and red and yellow rooftops of the Emerald City. The sun was setting and the red and pink light bounced off the greens, golds, and reds of the city's buildings and made them sparkle. Fionnigan couldn't help but find a bit of irony in the way the city looked from being this high up. The reality is when you got down to street level the city wreaked of filth. The gutters were filled with every element of excrement imaginable.

Finally, after all these years Fionnigan had made it to the top floor of the high tower of sorcery. He was now headmaster of the wizards school, and was the sorcerer supreme for the kingdom. This one move gave Fionnigan more power than most gave thought to. By setting the tone of the training and policing of wizards in the kingdom Fionnigan would control the mystical elements of the realm.

The only problem was that since Falamars coronation and his beheading and eventual resurrection by the hand of the Dark Saint he was now a lich. That meant he was stuck to the location of his phylactery. Years before Fionnigan had discovered a ritual by which he could ensure that he could keep going if he were killed and unable to be resurrected. The ritual was so powerful it had to be performed over many years. The rite was so detailed and so powerful it could take a wizard so long to complete it that some who had attempted the rite died before it was complete.

Fionnigan had been getting closer to completing the ritual and had at least completed the rite that activated his phylactery. Little did anyone know that the tower itself was Fionnigans phylactery. The master wizard was stuck to the tower itself. He could roam every inch of it's thousand foot frame, but he couldn't leave. The necromancer had possessed the body one of his former masters master wizard Ryu Ivan Spellbound. The drow necromancer had, along with Sir Kamal Mustafa, taught Finn everything he knew of magic in his youth. So now Finn was moving through the Emerald Hills as his old teacher. While back at the tower as far as anyone needed to know he was busy attending to the needs of the wizarding school and the guild.

"A mind needs books as a sword needs a wetstone, if it is to keep it's edge.”
Tyrion Lannister

I do not suffer fools gladly, and fools with white belts never.

Sic transit gloria.

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