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 Post subject: The Lost Tribe
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:07 pm 
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The sky began to slowly turn the beautiful shades of salmon and orange that accompanied twilight in this ancient valley. The elf stared out across the expanse before him and gigged his horse gently.

“Come Brego, we must move as swiftly as our enemies surely are.” whispered the elven warrior to his horse.

The horse sped his gallop, and began to close the distance between the green hills behind the elf and the forest on the other side of the deep valley. The town and Barony of King's Point sat in a valley between two great steep hills that were part of a ring that surrounded the kingdom of the Emerald Hills and gave it it's name. The hills themselves gave way to and surrounded a great flat expanse of land that contained the Emerald City and the forest of Tanglewood. Being positioned where it was in the realm King's Point was a sort of sentry city for the realm's southern border. It was to this city that the band of refugee elves had come, and been slaughtered.

This band of elves were not just refugees of this realm, but of this world. They came from a world known as Amrahly'nn. They had crossed over into Amtgardia four thousand years ago, and had wondered the many lands of this world since. The elves were the last surviving members of the Moriquende, one of the original ten tribes. In what would come to be known as The Dark Wars the tribes homeland was besieged by the forces of darkness and chaos. The Moriquende's home was beset in a ring of high mountains, the spot having been chosen because of the vale and stream that ran through it and the high naturally defensive mountain chain that surrounded it. However, the location also presented significant difficulties for the Moriquende. When their enemies were at the gates they found themselves stuck in their great city of Mori-Nalli. Cut off from any contact with allies, and unable to defeat the forces of troll, orc, and goblin that had amassed at their city walls, the Moriquende chose the only course they had left, they fled.

The elves of Mori-Nalli were followers of the ancient elven rite of Men-Gorgorath, the way of horrors. The faith was so named because of the ability of it's priestesses, known as reverend mothers, to see visions of many things, future and past events, the inner thoughts of others, and other possible worlds. A reverend mother is said to inherit her sight of the goddess when she is witness to her own death. The reverend mother of Mori-Nalli was an ancient elven woman known as Talia Mela.

In the days leading up to the siege of Mori-Nalli reverend mother Talia had been beset by visions of a great dark host. She though had also been given visions of the elves of Mori-Nalli walking en mass into a great tear in the very fabric of reality. Not many knew it, but the city of Mori-Nalli was built on a nexus of ley lines, the veins of magic that laced all worlds. When the moment of the siege came reverend mother Talia led her people to the very site of the intersection of the ley lines, and through her a force of the very primal essence of all universes opened a gateway between two worlds. The elves of Mori-Nalli passed through the portal, but not before the dying reverend mother passed the spiritual leadership of the elves on to her best student, Helda Deb'bie. Reverend Mother Deb'bie has led her people since crossing the plain of the prim into Amtgardia.

Her visions had led the Moriquende across oceans of time to the bustling outpost of King's Point and the forests around the city. Even the elven warduke Gilthanas San Fennlach had bowed to the reverend mother's lead. She had led them this far, and had kept these last remaining survivors of an ancient forgotten race together and alive. Recently her visions had brought them to King's Point and the ancient woods that surrounded her. She had begun having visions of a obsidian skinned elf leading her people in a battle for their very lives. The reverend mother Deb'bie had become convinced that this elf was a savior to the Moriquende, and she had directed her people to seek shelter with the inhabitants of King's Point. Little did they realize that the Baron would not just turn them away, but slaughter their scouting party. Gilthanas was now on his way back from placing the letter claiming his tribe's oath of vendetta at the city gates. He hoped reverend mother Deb'bie's visions would still come to fruition, and his people would finally be safe.

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