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 Post subject: The Hearing
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:14 pm 

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“We now call to order this hearing of the Collegium Disciplinary Council. We will forgo the reading of the minutes and proceed to the pressing business before this body, namely the transgressions of Associate Professor Larin Moonstar. Professor Moonstar, would you please remove your feet from the desk?”

With a sigh Larin pushed back from the desk in the center of the room used for these hearings. It had been two weeks since his enforced stay with the College was over, but Larin had chosen to remain until the end of the term or the next disaster large enough for either his company or the kingdom to recall him. He knew he hadn’t made very many friends within the teaching staff. Larin taught what he felt was appropriate and refused to stick to the current administrations curriculum, and taught a combination of what the students asked him about and what he knew they would need later in life. Between this and his avoidance of procedures when it came to acquiring his “teaching resources” the administration apparently had become significantly angry with him. They were at least angry enough to flex its “power” at him formally to try and keep him in line.

“Sure, why not. Anything to get this farce of a “trial” over with more quickly. I have a practical exercise planned in two hours.” Larin said as he settled back up to the desk.

“No, your classes have been suspended until the outcome of this hearing is concluded, “the aged wizard in charge of fixed enchantment studies and apparently the head of the disciplinary council said. “ Professor Moonstar, this body has assembled today to discuss your recent actions. Since your arrival you have failed to teach any section of the approved curriculum for your courses. Additionally a number of your students have been injured, some very seriously, as a result of your lesson plans. You have stolen or misappropriated a significant number of materials, space, and personnel that belonged to other portions of the College, the Staff, and in one unfortunate incident, the relocation of Professor Falstaff’s personal bathtub while he was still using it.”

“It was the handiest item we could think of to use as the basket for the catapult that would withstand the heat of a fireball,” Larin countered.

“We will return to the incidents with catapult in due time, Professor.” The council head snapped. “However, at this time do you have a statement you would like to make before we get into individual details of your infractions?”

“Sure,” Larin said as he stood up. “I’m probably guilty of whatever it is that you are accusing me of. Yes, I obtained the space and equipment I needed to properly teach my students. When I ran into petty bureaucrats that wanted me to fill out forms and wait until the next fiscal calendar to order things, I used my abilities to obtain what was needed to keep my classes learning at the level I pushed them to. This class of kids will be better equipped in the field then the previous because of those efforts. I will not apologize for this.”

“Properly teach your students? The exercise yesterday you put them through resulted in half of them being injured and 4 of them being killed!” a druid professor interjected.

“They were successfully resurrected so the correct term would be casualty.” Larin responded.

“Killed… casualties… What exactly do you call an exercise with that kind of outcome?!?” the druid snapped back at Larin.

“That would be the Magical Defenses 302 midterm exam.” Larin retorted with a slight smile.

“Midterm exam?!?! Are you mad? You can’t kill students to teach them!!!!” The head of the council exploded.

“Yes. Yes you can. Pain is an excellent teacher. It weeds out pride and vanity, and expresses to the student the reality and fear of a combat situation. It was graded on a curve because even the best prepared caster can run afoul of bad luck so dying doesn’t always mean you failed. “ Larin responded.

“Half of the injuries were burns from that fake dragon you and the engineering students built!” the professor of bardic song theory answered back.

“It is called a live fire exercise for a reason.” Larin casually retorted.

“Why don’t you enlighten this council as to what you are trying to teach if not the curriculum Professor Moonstar?” the council head asked.

“I’m teaching them situational awareness and non-traditional thinking for many combat situations. Certain mental disciplines will help keep them alive.” Larin stated.

“Are you saying that our curriculum fails to do that?” a councilmen asked.

Larin snorted loudly but made no further response.

“You seem to have some interesting ideas on teaching, but there are ideas and procedures you are introducing that the students would be better spared from. That is why those outdated and barbaric ideals were weeded out.” the council head responded.

“Spared?!? I want to keep these kids fighting as long as possible damn it!” Larin yelled standing up. He started to say something else but paused and collected himself. One of the council started to speak but Larin stopped him with a pointed finger. He took a deep breath, and then addressed the council.

“Fine… How about we go through a little thought exercise? Before you argue, just humor me on this. Situation is this: A university council chamber with one primary entrance/exit and two windows as secondary entry/egress points. There are seven of you and one potential hostile. How do you handle the situation?” Larin asked.

The council members didn’t answer. Instead they uncertainly looked at each other and the insinuation that Larin might attack them, or worse yet that their little world of safety might not be as safe as they believed.

“See, that was way too long to answer. In a battlefield situation you would already be dead.” Larin stood as he continued.

“You,” as he pointed to the head of the council, “would erect a forcewall as that is your primary spell of choice.” The council head sputtered indigently.

“That would give the two of you,” Larin pointed at the lead wizard and druid on the council, “time to cast enchantments on yourselves, specifically stoneskin and defend.”

Larin continued down the line.

“You would break down and scream uncontrollably.”

“You will attempt to jump out of one of the windows.”

“You would conjure a fireball and throw it at me, forgetting about the forcewall.”

“Finally, you would kick the table over for cover and prepare to hit me with a stun spell as soon as I dispelled the forcewall. For the record this is the best reactive action of the group. Bravo.”

Larin finished his tirade and settled back into his seat.

“Professor Moonstar if you are threatening us…” The head of the council started.

“I am doing no such thing.” Larin interrupted, “But considering the makeup of this group, one scenario for neutralization would be to utilize the throwing dagger up my right sleeve to throw at Professor Silverflame. Specifically my aim would be for his throat in this case.” Larin pointed at the head of the council. “Then I would cross draw the one from my left sleeve to throw at Professor Spilmen, again at the throat, in order to keep his screaming from alerting anyone prematurely. Then a quick shove spell to flip the table at the rest of you to keep you off balance. I would advance quickly drawing another knife from my boot and then using a combination of the Dance and Awe spells directed at Professor Andrews in order to prevent her from stunning me. I would spin and while throwing the knife at Professor Octavio as he attempted to conjure a fireball, I would draw my sword to dispatch Professors Foxwood and Bloomfield while they were completing their enchantments. Professor Snodgrass would be successful in fleeing through the window, but I would be after him.” Larin paused as he calculated. “It would be an additional twenty seconds before I would be able to follow. As that window leads to the courtyard, Professor Snodgrass is most likely to run away from the building rather than doubling back into the building as he should. That would mean I would be able to hit him with a lightning bolt within sixty seconds of the initial encounter. From there I would be able to use Pass Plant to escape, as the school’s security wards no longer prevent that from occurring as they once did. Hell of a loophole if you ask me. All things considered, from start of encounter to escape would be less than two minutes with an 86% destruction of the opposing force. That would be plan number 7 at this point, by the way. You really should have a better policy on weapons searches in situations like this. Additionally, failing to consider the non-magical threats as well as the magical ones could be catastrophic, especially in the situation I just outlined.”

Larin finished and the council sat in stunned silence.

“GUARDS!!!” Professor Snodgrass screamed.

The doors burst open and a squad of Kingdom guards emerged and efficiently took up positions blocking all avenues of escape.

“Larin Moonstar, you are striped of your position as Associate Professor of the Collegium. Additionally you are barred forever from the grounds of this institution. Guards remove him from the grounds, forcibly if you must. “ Professor Silverflame pronounced.

The guards failed to move. They stayed resolutely in place. The council members looked around confused at the lack of action.

Larin stood and coughed politely to get the council’s attention. “The Collegium’s budget and resources, according to the Prime Minister of the Treasury, fall under the confines of the Arts and Sciences. As such this group answers to the Chancellor of the Collegium, who in turn, answers to the Regency Board. The Regency Board then answers to the Regent.”

“You appealed a decision all the way to the Regent!? How is that even possible? We haven’t even had a hearing yet?” Professor Foxwood demanded.

“No, you misunderstand. I became Regent.” Larin responded. “As such I have authority over the entire Collegium and I am planning a few changes around here. That was neutralization plan number 1. It achieved my objective with maximum effectiveness and minimal bloodshed. ”

The entire council looked like someone had just punched them in the back of the head.

“As of now everyone’s tenure is revoked. Your service to this kingdom is noted, but I think it would be better used elsewhere. You are formally drafted into his majesty’s service in the army. These guards will escort you from this location to your training facility at Bright Forge. Chin up though! It is my understanding the Sir Logan and Sir Nevron have volunteer to supervise your training personally after I discussed some of the issues at this facility with them.” Larin said as the guards began to herd the former teachers together.

“You cannot do this!!” Professor Silverflame exclaimed.

“You cannot do this, Your Highness.” Larin prompted. “In your future position it will be important to remember to use your commanding officer’s titles when addressing them. A little tip, but it should be reinforced during your basic training. You can, of course, appeal my decision to his majesty. I doubt that he will be receptive to you though, especially as I have already discussed it with him. Guard-Sergeant, you may proceed. ”

“At your command sir. Additionally sir, you asked me to remind you at the end of this business to remind you that Prince Granite had requested your presence at your earliest opportunity.” The guard sergeant stated as he began to usher the former teachers from the hall.

“Of course… I must be on my way as well. Have the new security head fix the plant door issue once I am away.” Larin stated as he left the chamber to gather his gear.

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