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 Post Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:49 pm 
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Erra wiped the paladin's brow dry. Sutra's fever was was starting to break. The Prestige remained nearly motionless, clandestinely perched inside the ethereal protection of amethyst silvery clouds. The Sun gifted her final tendrils of wispy light across the ship's hull.

The merchant's table lay in silent turmoil. His increasing madness had begun to bleed unto the ocean of illegible parchment. It was the sudden blindness that worried Erra more than the fever induced hysteria. She knew that Sutra's heart and soul were connected to the ship, but a misplaced step and... She gently pushed worst-case scenarios to the back of her mind. He was safe and sound, under her restorative protection.

Talk of madness affecting peasant and noble alike, spread as fast as the sickness gripped the kingdom. Sightings of tentacled demons had become common topics around bonfires. Some of the infected were not so fortunate to make a full recovery.

King Axident (Justin Hamblen) iron fist lay waste to almost every kingdom holding. From the stick walls of shires to the stone fortified walls of the remaining Duchies, his guard cleansed the lands of all opponents to his recently acquired enlightenment. Midnight Sun herself was nearly leveled by dark forces that took the kingdom's standing army to quell.

Dark times indeed.

"A quill." his gravely voice interrupted. Erra jolted back to reality.

"Come again?"

"A quill..and ink. Might find a sheet or two of clean parchment near the compass." Sutra painfully whispered.

Erra collected the requested items and waited for his instructions. She was curious as to how he'd write. She had seen his ghostly white eyes when he would try to make out her face.


She sat and quickly began to etch letters into words. Words into sentences. Sentences into thoughts. Thoughts, they both prayed would inspire others into action.

The Prestige remained nearly motionless, clandestinely perched inside the ethereal protection of dark silvery clouds. The sun gave way to the gentle glow of the silver moon.


*******************PRAY ATTEND*****************

Endreign/Coronation soon approaches and we'd love to have you join us!

Sutra is crating the event's battle game and we need your help to make it amazing! The RP goodness begins Friday night with a night quest and bleeds across the hours, and into the afternoon when the main quest opens up. A currency system will be used, and we want to know if your park has been using currency during these past few months. Midnight Sun and Bright Forge has, how about you?

We need NPC's and monsters, we need folks to step up and help garb up the gaps, we need prop masters who want to have their work showcased at the kingdom level, and we need well versed Reeves to help make this RP quest fun, safe, and as fair/balanced as possible.

Respond to this thread or PM me to volunteer! Maybe you don't sew or NPC but have a neat item to donate for our prize pool? We'd love your help!

We'll be running multiple contests such as best RP'ing, Monster/NPC garb, most kills, most solved puzzles/objectives, and many more interesting ways to win a neat prize!

Get ready folks, it's going to be an great party honoring Axident's super successful reign as monarch; so join us December 12th-14th in beautiful Atoka, OK!

More details and game rules/currency system breakdown will be made available this week, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Sutra of The Prestige

The general who advances without seeking fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do service for his sovereign, is the jewel of his kingdom. -Sun Wu

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