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“Ship boards in one hour. If you want to make your way to the Landing, you'd best be on it.” the old sailor missing his left eye growled from behind a large salt and pepper beard.

Fionnigan stood by listening as Draeven and the old sailor spoke. They were in a small fishing village somewhere Fionnigan had never been before. This was not that strange given that Fionnigan hadn't travelled much in his life, and what little he had was usually in service to the realm. He had been to only a handful of other places outside of the two kingdoms in which he had spent his life to this point. However he couldn't shake this feeling that wherever they were wasn't anywhere close to the Hills or the Golden Plains for that matter.

Draeven had shown up at the brothel at two strokes past midnight two days before and told Fionnigan he needed him to teleport him to the port of Stormwall. He didn't explain why he just said he needed to board a ship leaving out of there tonight. The prim had been volatile and changing over the past few years, and some parts of it were now cut off to Fionnigan. The teleportation spell was not, however.

“Lunae magicae.” Fionnigan had spoken the words and within fractions of a second they were standing on the docks of Stormwall.

The two casters had found the ship they were looking for, and boarded it. On the ship Draeven explained that he had found an old Corsair map in the library of the Tower of High Sorcery, and he knew an old merchant captain who owed him a favour and would sail him out to the coordinates on the map.

As Draeven had been telling Fionnigan of the reason for this late night journey the ship sailed straight into a furious sea storm. The rain came down in sheets on the hulk, and the waves crashed over it's sides. At some point during the storm Fionnigan had been caught in a wave crashing over the side of the ship, and had blacked out. He came to washed up on a beach. He found Draeven but there was no sign of the ship or her crew.

The pair made their way to a small fishing village they could see in the distance. They came upon the port's meager docks, and found the grissled old sailor that Draeven had been talking to for the last five minutes.

The sailor and Draeven finished their business, and Draeven walked back over to Fionnigan.

“The old man says Sabeth's Landing is just a few leagues from this place, and we could probably make their port by morning. He's offered us...” Draeven continued before being cut off.

“Wait did you say Sabeth's Landing? As in Sir Tunear Sab...” Fionnigan stammered in confusion.

“Yes I did.” replied Draeven.

“Where exactly are we, healer?” Fionnigan demanded.

“That's going to be a long story. Let's board the ship, and I'll explain everything.” replied Draeven.

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