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 Post subject: Family Comes Calling
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:43 pm 
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Fionnigan rose from the bed under the window of the rectory and set his feet on the cold stone floor. He stood up and walked from his bed to the coat hanger on the opposite side of the room, pulled his black house robe from its hook, and left the room. His ability of foresight was strong on that night. He had many wild dreams of a red moon, and a cornered onyx lion. The last one was so strong it woke him.

He had then decided to make a pot of dragon mushroom tea to help calm his mind and ease him back to slumber. He exited his bedroom and made his way down the small hallway that separated his sleeping quarters from the rest of the modest clergy house. As he made his way down the hall three loud booms came from his front door. Fionnigan wondered who that could be at this time of the night, but the knocks sounded like those of his brother in arms, Tuk.

Fionnigan continued down the hall and then turned into the main foyer. He stepped up to the front door and took the oil lamp from the side of the entranceway and lit it with the reserve flint and steel attached. He opened the priesthole and peered out into the darkness. The meager light from the lamp cast hard shadows across the face of his brothers as he saw not just Tuk, but quite a few of his brothers standing on the steps of the rectory.

Fionnigan closed the priesthole without a word, and unlocked the door opening it wide. Tuk walked in followed by the Captain, Sir Nevron, the Kazee brothers, the Bloodwood brothers, Blade, and Dizzy.

“Evening, brothers. I assume given the time of the night you fellas didn’t come to light any candles or say prayers in the chapel.” Fionnigan said after the whole gang had filed in.

“No, brother, we didn’t.” Replied Tuk. “We got a problem.”

“It’s a family problem, I assume.” Fionnigan responded.

“Yeah. It would seem that Sir Bloodmoon, since putting Midnight Sun under his thumb, has declared war on our sister.” Tuk said, the rage apparent in his voice.

“Well, let me get my sword, shield and my prayer book.” Fionnnigan said as he turned to pack for the short journey.

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 Post subject: Re: Family Comes Calling
 Post Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:40 pm 

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It was soothing to grind things. The repetition was a balm on the mind. Mortar and pestle grumbling together to create something useful. That it was useful was her focus. It kept her from brooding.

Despite what some chose to believe, she was not prone to political intrigue, nor brooding upon it. No matter anything else in her purview, it was a rough and bothersome pass-time. Thus, she ground gall for ink to prevent brooding over that very subject. Unfortunately, one could only do such a thing for so long.

That supposed "Paladin" and his meddling. Honestly, she'd mostly been content to leave the predominantly insular province alone... they bothered her little so long as she was not actually present there or thinking too long on them. Their naivety was unsavory, particularly regarding their prized "Paladin" and his antics... but it was not her place to correct them or keep them in check. They began to wave a bullseye high upon their parapets, however, when the creature leading them decided to falsely target her for the enmity of another.

Assassins guild. Phagh. As if she'd acknowledge such a thing. Perhaps she managed and facilitated a few meetings of parties for a variety of actions... but management was necessary lest there be chaos among the restless and mischievous of the kingdom. Assassins Guild. What self respecting Merc would admit to or acknowledge that?

That creature and his prejudices of races was an irritant. Perhaps her Brothers would have their fill of his blood enough to turn his ridiculous vendetta aside. After all- as she'd insisted to that so called Paladin many times- Lord Atheris Coinin Labrys is not now and never was evil.

"If I were evil I'd have his Dutchy razed to the ground, its ruins burned, and his loyalists on pikes at its borders. I'd have him flayed and Cursed to not be resurrected." She snorted rather inelegantly. "Perhaps a few repeated deaths at the hands of others will drive his meddling away." After all, she had business among the Colligia to deal with.

It is not our blood or our appearance which makes us good or evil... it is by our deeds, our minds, and our hearts. Create not the path to disaster with your rose-colored ideals. - Squire Atheris Coinin Labrys

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