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Overview: Three opposing armies – the Heroes of Light, the Daemon Forces, and the Pirates of Cthulhu, each with good reason to despise the other two – will come to a head over the fate of the Midnight Sun. On Sunday, March 23, during the park’s Mid-reign celebration, these three groups will fight it out, and the winner will determine the course and direction of Midnight Sun’s RP for the remainder of this reign. Who will win, and become the driving force behind the Shire, and who will be utterly annihilated? Only you can decide! ONLY YOU.

The Tri-Team Battle will be a one hour, full-class battlegame, using the latest V8 ruleset. All players will have unlimited lives, and there will be one refresh called every 20 minutes of play. Each team will have a designated “Capturable Player.” To capture them, they must be legally subdued in combat – merely Stopping or Freezing them will not work – and then brought to the Donjon in order to earn a Victory Point. These Capturable Players have (initially) four lives, and if that player becomes shattered, then the entire team is shattered. Protect your Capturable Players!

There will be FOUR Domination Zones in this battle. While these zones do not DIRECTLY grant Victory Points, they do confer extremely powerful boons upon the team that currently dominates them (and each zone will give an extra-special boon to a specific team associated with it). Dominating these zones will also grant that team’s Capturable Player an additional life, to a maximum of six. There is no limit on how many times a team can do this. These zones are: the Temple of the White Light, the Hellmouth, Pirate’s Cove, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The first team to amass 10 Victory Points wins game. In the event that the one hour limit occurs, or only one team is left standing, game will be called, but the winning team will still be the one with the most Victory Points! So, it is therefore possible to be the last team standing AND STILL LOSE! Plan your strategies accordingly.

More details to come as the date approaches.

Count Qintahr, Knight of the Serpent

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