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 Post subject: This Weekend
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:05 pm 

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Just to note, there will be a couple of battlegames happening this Sunday, time permitting. The House Wars, which is Med's game, will be held, along with the Elf/Dwarf War. Take note that these are TWO completely different games, though they do tie into one another. If you have something special you want to try for either game, you MUST speak with and clear it with the Game Designer for that game. That would be Med for his, and me for the Elf/Dwarf War. That being said, here is what you need to know about the latter event:

1) You must pick a side, and you are free to join either one, as you wish. Fence sitters will be lumped in with ze vermin!

2) You are playing a regular class, but can use the Monster Race Rules in the Dor Un Avathar X 3.5 rules. If you do so, be in appropriate costume. I only need to know before the game begins that you are doing this, and the reeves need to know. You do not need my special PERMISSION to play a Monster Race.

3) You may play an actual Monster of up to your Monster level, if you wish. You must be in appropriate garb/costume, and you must check in with me before the game, so we can go over your abilities. You will need to provide a print-out or write-up of the monster to carry with you. No original creations will be accepted unless they have been previously vetted at our park, though you can play a role-play a monster as something other than normal.

4) I am actively balancing the game as more people declare a side. If more people overwhelmingly join one side (which is fine), the other will be... amped.

5) Magic Items are strongly encouraged in this one. There will be some potions and scrolls available to use for free, as part of the scenario. Talismans will have to be purchased through the Exchange. Please remember that, as a continuous fundraising effort, you can by 2 Exchange Credits for $1.00, if you wish. With magic items currently being half-off, that's 4 Credits for a dollar!

6) There are, as of RIGHT NOW, FOUR Scenario Monsters in this game. You will probably not have to fight them all at the same time, but your choices in-game could alter that. It is possible that they key to defeating one monster lies in defeating another one first. Just saying... If you want to play a scenario monster (these are the truly powerful monsters in the back of the book), you must contact me BEFORE Saturday and discuss it with me. Be prepared to argue your case as to why you should be allowed to do this, and convince me. My default answer is NO.

7) Have fun! This game will conclude a reign-long story line that has been playing out under your noses the whole time. Props to the first one who has the M. Night Shymalan "Moment of Clarity" scene when it all ties together and finally makes sense.

One final word of caution - this game will have both Friendly Fire and Allegiance Switching rules in effect. What are these?? Glad you asked:

FRIENDLY FIRE: Your attacks and spells can wound or kill your allies and teammates. Be careful where you fire that bow and fling that fireball!

Allegiance Switching: Some spells or effects, like UM and GUM, can force you to fight for the one who cast it on you. You are encouraged to role-play this. Bonuses and penalties can be assessed based on your compliance with this rule.

Game Stats: Elf/Dwarf War
Time: 1+ hours (until it's over)
Lives: 5 for players and normal monsters, 3 for scenario monsters
Respawn Time: 60 secs.
Recharge: Every half-hour.
Special Rules in Play: Friendly Fire, Allegiance Switching, Terrain Effects
Victory Conditions: Shatter Qintahr or Shatter Med

Count Qintahr, Knight of the Serpent

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
-George Bernard Shaw

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