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Call for Removal of Park officer from office
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Author:  Tyrle de Felis [ Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Call for Removal of Park officer from office

As current park records have 10 active dues paid members at this time,

I, Tyrle de Felis, call for the removal of Gauge Fenodree from the office of Park Monarch on the basis of incompetency.

When notified of a potential threat to the park funds, he delayed and refused to directly address matters, then knowingly placed funds back at risk without a proper audit. When I attempted to follow protocol I was silenced, causing a need to escalate the matter, making this information available to the park populace. This was silenced as well and I was removed from the group. I am anticipating further action as this indicates clear hostility towards a whistleblower.

I am specifically listing this information here as this remains the official online communication for the Emerald Hills, with this forum being the officially provided resource for Midnight Sun.

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