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 Post Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 11:35 pm 
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Hail Hydra!

Congratulations to all of our high office canidates on quilifying for your Hydra. If you have not already done so be sure that you have got with Reggie to take your Reeve’s Test. Below is a link to the Statecraft Questionaire. Please respond to them no later than May 21, 2017. After this date I will post all responses to the forums and Facebook page. ... sp=sf_link


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 Post Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 8:07 pm 
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Hail Emerald Hills

Here are your candidates answers to Reign LIX State Craft questions!


1.)What is your platform? What are your aspirations and goals that you wish to accomplish during your reign in office?

Spoiler! :
Sir Ice of Redhawk (God Emperor of the Emerald Hills) - My platform will be higher than others platforms. I will use pallets and four by fours to raise the aspirations with be laced with carbon dioxide and will incite local plant life to produce oxygen. Any goals I have with be counted as double score so that me and my team always wins. And all rain in offices will be met with large umbrellas.

Forest Evergreen
(Regent Candidate) -
As Regent, I want to work with the various parks to host more local level competitions and workshops to help aspiring artisans to both improve their crafts and learn new ones, and to help more experienced artisans give back to the game.
I'd also like to encourage parks to work together to have regional workshops / competitions to encourage players to travel and learn from others who they may not contact regularly. Lastly, I want to teach people how to judge using the new system and how to give constructive feedback that encourages artists to improve.

Marceline Aidan Fangmeier (GMR Candidate) - Safety and Communication are the pillars of my vision as KGMR for this reign. Safety - Teach new players how to perform weapons and armor checks with precision. A problem I've noticed is weapon/armor checking being done improperly or not often enough which can result in injuries from blown out weapons and damaged armor. I'd like to have our more experienced reeves and weapon/armor smiths teach a class on how to properly check equipment and how to spot and remove damaged equipment from the battlefield.
Another aspect of safety is how people use their equipment. An unusually large war hammer might pass a weapon check with flying colors, but in the hands of a very strong and athletic player or an inexperienced player who doesn't know how to properly handle such a weapon it becomes a potential danger. Another potential issue is seige weapons and archery being done carelessly. This issue is not to be confused with the temporary discomfort from whacks and bumps that are expected from regular play, this is concerning players who have consistently been leaving bruises and even injuring other players. If a player has issues with using a weapon type too harshly or dangerously they will be restricted from using that weapon type for a short period of time until they prove they actually can be safe. A repeat offender will be restricted from using that weapon type for the remainder of the reign.
I will also be working with the champion to keep players safe by preventing heat and hydration issues on the field. Spotting potentially dangerous garb and armor combos as well as visibly fatigued players and getting them off the field, rested and properly hydrated is more important than them being able to finish a battlegame.
Communication - I am proud of the Emerald Hills in that I've noticed relatively little conflict on the field in comparison to other kingdoms I've visited. We are pretty good at working with the reeves' judgements and not starting any unecessary drama on the field. I'd like us to continue having this attitude of positivity as it makes the game more enjoyable for players, reeves, game designers, and spectators.
Knowing the ROP and clarifications will eliminate many questions and possible conflicts. I will be working with class Guildmasters to ensure that players know their favorite classes backwards and forwards, and I am encouraging every player to get reeves tested.
My last goal in the communication area is 1v1 and jugging tournaments as well as other small field fast-paced games. Sometimes these can be challenging to reeve due to the speed at which action happens but I want to encourage honor, positivity, and a constructive mindset amongst players. Cheesestickery can quickly cause nasty attitudes in tournaments. Instead of becoming overly upset and put out, I want to see players react to sluffing with even cleaner shots, open and constructive communication, and a drive to be the clear winner. I'd also like to have players with high level orders of the warrior, warlords, and sword knights have a class on how newer/less skilled players and reeves can improve their awareness during 1v1/jugging etc. tournaments and help make the competition a more positive experience for all involved.

Tyrle de Felis (Regent Candidate) - My platform is that connectedness to Amtgard, to A&S, and to players, needs to change. As someone on the outside of the belted line or company system, I can attest to the frustrations that occur with being outside of the group, and I want to do everything possible to seeing everyone grow. My previous reign was testament to the balance that I believe in incorporating in everything I do as I worked to maintain a balance of judges, skill sets, even to my Guards. I truly believe in recognizing everyone who has earned it. I wish to bring back the A&S Symposium. Whether with one class per month hosted at differing parks in the kingdom, or as a one day activity hosted as a Kingdom level activity, I would love to see more opportunities to learn and more opportunities granted for teachers to teach. I am also interested in working with Masters of varying fields to help standardize opportunies to mentor and be mentored, as I believe this is key to helping art forms to grow and to boost connectedness of incoming players in the game.

Axident (Monarch Candidate) - Ice for King! To continue to have fun and to try and make this great game fun for others as well.

KaL ThraX (Monarch Candidate) - My platform is growth, involvement and a more helpful to knew players Amtgard. As well as doing kingdom visits to the parks, I will also be running a kingdom wide series of games and battles. This will be Roman themed and will be tailored to each parks own style of play. There will be room for “Flurb” parks as well as "Stick Jock" parks. My plan is to also involve park leaders to lead their own parks into other parks and try an build camaraderie and help parks play with others they might not other wise have a chance to do so.
Our Kingdom has many service Knights, and we have many others who are willing to help out in our Kingdom. I would also like to get help from those individuals with a love for the game help build and grow our parks and kingdom. I have seen Dag and Bel players come to Amtgard parks and have a good time. That is another great resource to tap and help build up our parks. There is far too much hostility towards other LARP or Boffer style games, us to them, them to us, I have seen Sir Bloodmoon and others bridge that gap, and would like to continue to build on that Kingdom wide.
Parks need new blood to survive and grow, as player’s age, change hobbies, change jobs, or just get plain tired; the new players will keep the game alive, and will continue to build on after we have left. Taking these new payers and showing them good leaders, and people who actually care trying to grow and help build the parks and kingdom should both show and encourage new players to get involved and become part of helping build their parks. We have many parks that are falling apart and loosing membership, that where once great and mighty, those parks need all our help, and its leadership should be looking for ways to help curb the loss of membership as those parks.
New players, combined with Veteran players will keep us alive and my plans an aspirations are to help bridge the gap between players, fighting companies, parks and kingdoms, and finding more people through out our kingdom who want to help me build those bridges.
I call for all members of Amtgard, Knights, Veterans, New players and old, to join with me to help fix and repair the leaky Dam that is our Kingdom. As strong as it is, it can be stronger, and many of us can see the small concerns through our kingdom that can break parts of it off.

Reginald D. Chinchillington III (Champion Candidate) - It is my goal as Champion to promote involvement from all players in our kingdom when it comes to tournaments and battlegames, making sure to provide plenty of ways for everyone to get involved. I'd like to run both Weaponmaster and Warmaster in the Warlord format, allowing all participants plenty of opportunities to fight while making sure the tournaments run on schedule. My goal is also to provide a series of fun and challenging games throughout the reign, including Relic Quests, jugging, and a variety of unique battlegames.

2.) As a high officer, what will you do to help promote new players getting involved in various aspects of the game?

Spoiler! :
Sir Ice of Redhawk (God Emperor of the Emerald Hills) - As this isn't Colorado the notion that officers should be high isn't a valid question. As a person of interest on multiple FBI watch lists I do not encourage drug use to increase players stamina or mental faculty. New players should always be met with the same disinterest as long term players. New players should make their own efforts to impress people of power. If they choose to be worthless and uninteresting then we have a special role for them. They can join saracean or corsairs.

Forest Evergreen (Regent Candidate) - I feel that many new players can be put off by the fighting at first, since there is a distinct difference in skill level between new and experienced players. I think providing more of the workshops and competitions mentioned in the previous question will show new players other areas of interest within the game. I would also encourage new players to assist at events so they can see how much service it takes to make an Kingdom event happen.
In addition, I'd like to set up workshops / competitions for new players only, where more experienced artisans can work one on one with people to teach them a new skill or advance a skill they are already working on.

Marceline Aidan Fangmeier (GMR Candidate) - I will be working with the Champion and kingdom Guildmasters to ensure that newer players are having a positive experience in their chosen classes during full class battlegames.
New players will be encouraged to enter more tournaments at park and kingdom events. I strongly feel a larger tournament is usually a better experience for all involved. The Emerald Hills has a wonderful tradition of having some of the best tournament fighters in the entirety of Amtgard and I'd like to see that standard of excellence upheld and improved upon. We are more than capable of producing even more good fighters and having large highly competitive tournaments will help reinforce that culture.
I will be working with park level GMRs to ensure that new players feel at ease and welcomed to ask ROP questions as well as having the most constructive on field experience possible. New players often slip up on the rules and a huge factor in retention and enjoyability is making sure we enforce the correct rules in a tactful and positive way. Instead of tearing people down and teasing them for messing up or forgetting a rule, let's build people up and get them excited to learn the ROP and be even more effective on the battlefield.

Tyrle de Felis (Regent Candidate) - As touched upon briefly above, I would like to encourage more of an apprentice style system. The fighting company system is structured to help fighters. The belted line system functions to mentor specific individuals on a smaller scale. I am hoping that by encouragement of each art to focus on mentors, that a wider range of players will feel the connection needed to retain players.

Axident (Monarch Candidate) - Keep communications with my park officers open and hopefully fresh. I am not great on coming up with new ideas but I love this game and new people are the lifeblood of it, so any ideas that are presented to me that would help new players feel welcome or help them out in general will be done.

KaL ThraX (Monarch Candidate) - I have seen many new players at our park join the game, and they all want to hit people with foam, or be a powerful magic user, there are very few who want to get into politics or run for office. I think that many new players are worried that they would fail, or do not know how to start or where or how to get help. I would like to once again call upon those with the knowledge, experience, and who want to help make the Kingdom better, to form groups and put on workshops of leadership, of "How To" for offices. We have tools and resources available, such as the Leadership Academy, but many people do not know about them or would even know where to begin on how to use them. There were pictures made of the various classes recently that I thought was an awesome idea. I would like something like that for park offices, the Corpora, and something to help the GMR and the rule set. Something in print as well as on the internet that is readily available.
Another aspect that gets overlooked is A&S and Color involvement. I have seen parks with a huge A&S involvement and parks with little to none, and i wonder if those parks have people who want to be involved but dont know how, or are afraid to step up and run something. With the inter park games and battles, the building of groups of kingdom helpers, demos, action plans, inviting other game systems, and visiting parks, I believe we can continue to build and grow an avoid stagnation or plateauing at parks.
We need to as Leadership, as Players, as Veterans, help give the tools, skills, and confidence necessary to those individuals who might one day be a future King and a great leader. I feel that all players should be given the chance to make a difference regardless fighting company, households, parks they belong to, or whatever way we are dividing and creating cliques these days. All players should feel welcome, including Colors, not just the new or Veteran, we all make Amtgard great and we need to come together to keep it that way.

Reginald D. Chinchillington III (Champion Candidate) - My hope is to promote engagement in class games, tournaments, and other competitive forms of combat throughout the kingdom, and that includes at the local parks. For new players, that means 5 and Under tournaments, fun and new games to enjoy, and plenty of opportunities to learn.

3.) What steps have you taken to balance your mundane life so that you can effectively serve as a kingdom official?

Spoiler! :
Sir Ice of Redhawk (God Emperor of the Emerald Hills) - My phone tracks my steps. Welcome to the age of electronics. As for balance I have a walking stick for times when I cannot maintain proper control of my bodily functions. My mundane life have multiple limitations and may call upon me to work more or less dependant on the amount of work needed. So when normal life becomes more important then hobby life .... the hobby will wait.
As for being a kingdom official I have repeatedly said no. And yet the call for king has been an active chant at many a park or event. Axident is running for king. I am just a humble servant of those that worship me as a God Emperor . And to the many faithful drones that I step upon to reach my inevitable frozen thrown I pay homage. The broken swords and backs of the fallen are my red carpet. To them I say bleed for me.

Forest Evergreen (Regent Candidate) - I do not work weekends and I have the summer off, so my schedule is very flexible when it comes to attending Amtgard events. I will be at Clan and WBW this year as well. I plan my weekends in advance, around my children's needs, to ensure that I can travel beyond the Metroplex to visit other parks in the Kingdom and have made sure to do so even when not in High Office.

Marceline Aidan Fangmeier (GMR Candidate) - My mundane life and flexible work schedule give me the availability and resources I need to attend events, kingdom visits, and park days during this reign.
I also have a very open and available presence online and can respond promptly to any necessary communications.

Tyrle de Felis (Regent Candidate) - I am in a personal situation that I am very satisfied with. I have been in my current living situation with my current roommate for almost a year and a half and am currently enjoying a job that I love that pays well, provides excellent benefits along with three day weekends and paid time off whenever I need it. If an individual needs to ask me more personal information, anyone is welcome to, in private message format.

Axident (Monarch Candidate) - My lovely wife is on board for me to do this again and with this being my second time running we both have a much better idea of what this actually entails and have planned accordingly.

KaL ThraX (Monarch Candidate) - Well I have been fortunate enough to have a loving and supportive wife, who is OK with my hobbies, as well as being Monarch. We both come from retail management backgrounds and have had to deal with long nights, weekends away, and being on call and having to do things at a drop of the hat. My wife also wants to see me happy an succeed, while she doesn’t play herself, she comes out to park and supports me and cheers me on. I am also happily working m-f and currently have most weekends off and will be able to visit parks and see the Kingdom.
All this combined with Facebook and the digital age makes balancing and staying in contact easier. Being able to update Facebook with travel plans, and have people who want to help with those plans also make things easier. The support of my wife, as well as my fighting company will make running the kingdom easier than it would be without. These things were crucial during my reign as Monarch of the local park, and made my life easier on me to run and organize the park.

Reginald D. Chinchillington III (Champion Candidate) - For me, this has chiefly been finding a new form of employment with a more steady schedule, allowing me to attend park visits and events without any worry. While I have not yet been successful in doing so, it is my chief concern right now. Beyond that, I have made sure I am easily accessible through social media for any concerns or interests of the populace, and am in a position where traveling itself is not problematic.


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