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Big Weekend at MWG!
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Author:  Maialee [ Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:59 am ]
Post subject:  Big Weekend at MWG!

This is going to be a busy weekend at MWG!

We will be having our kingdom visit this weekend. Come out to the Glen to hobnob with the members of the current monarchy.

This weekend also happens to be midreign at the Glen. Awards will be given and fun will be had. We can also all welcome our Prime Minister for the reign. You'll have to be there to find out who....

To commemorate the spring holidays, we will be holding a white rabbit hunt. Apparently everyone's favorite egg-delivering rabbit has been turned into the next thing to a god by a group of malcontent druids who believed it was time nature fought back a bit against those who try to destroy her. Help the residents of Mourningwood Glen fight off the threat of this carnivorous cottontail.

For the kiddos, we will be hosting an egg hunt.

We will also be holding several fund raisers this weekend to raise money for the park. The first of which is a dollar tourney, hosted by our champion, Exile. Entry fee is $1 per person per event. There will be a prize given to first place. Events are as follows:

~single short
~flo short
~sword and board
~random draw (Cards will be drawn to determine each fighter's weapon style for the round. Available combinations will be flo short, sword and board, pole and open weapon. Each fighter will draw a different card for each round of the tourney)

There will be a bake sale this weekend. Baked/confectionery items may be donated to the park and will then be sold to the populace. Please include an ingredient list for any donated confections for those who may have food allergies. There will be a populace vote for best baked good with a prize awarded to the winner.

Lastly will be our Amtgard garage sale. Who doesn't have old Amtgard stuff cluttering up their home? Get a head start on spring cleaning and donate any gently used items to the park! Any donations will then be priced inexpensively and put up for sale to the populace and guests on field this weekend. Donated items can include weapons, weapon cores or noodle, garb, feast items, accessories and anything else Amtgard-ish.

Come join us for a lot of fun! We hope to see you there!

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