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Mourningwood Glen had a strange atmosphere around it today, instead of the normal chaos that enshrouded the glen, there was a strange still. Other than some rival fishermen having some boring dispute, all was calm, something was wrong and everyone could tell. Two weeks had passed since the Barron told Virgil to either produce results of be executed and everyone was waiting with baited breath to see whether or not he would deliver. The day passed on with this stillness no one knew what would happen once Virgil would arrive, so they cherished this silence while they could, knowing full well that a new conflict would probably be starting soon. That is when they saw him, in his usual cloak walking toward the glen from the direction of the well, accompanied by a single being.
When they got closer everyone could see that this was no ordinary being accompanying him but rather the reanimated corpse of Kodi Redhawk, with an apparatus attached to his back and tubes going from the container and into his flesh. "M'lord" Virgil spoke breaking the atmosphere "I have come to bare my projects results."
"that is your super soldier...." Seal responded looking displeased "I expected something a little.... stronger."
"Ah but m'lord I beg you not judge by looks alone, how about a test?"
"A test? What kind of test" Seal asked already knowing his answer
"Bring out some fighters, and some magic casters and we shall have them duel my beast." Virgil declared "He will show you that even with numbers you cannot defeat him."
"fine then..." Seal said bringing out 2 magic casters and 1 fighter.
"good." Virgil said placing his hand on his minion and whispering something in its ear. "NOW SLAUGHTER!"
Like that the duel began, the fighters on mourningwood's side attacked viciously, but every time they wounded the thing, it simply grew back the detached limbs and came back even stronger. "HEAT ITS WEAPONS! WARP ITS SHIELD!" the populace shouted to the team. the druids starting chanting and the zombie dropped its sword and its shield became a useless mass of wood. They closed in on the now defenseless zombie like birds of prey, however one thing they didn't realize is that this zombie was far from brainless and did something that they never Imagined of a zombie doing. "master I need a weapon." it shouted to Virgil "Fine then, perhaps I should have given you claws." Virgil said as he threw his sword to the corpse of Kodi. "Now go find a shield, you're tough but not that tough." "Kodi" sprinted to the sidelines and stole a shield that lay on the ground and rejoined the battle. "Screw this..." one of the druids said and started chanting. A diabolical smile stretched across Virgil's face as the lightning that had been called down didn't strike the zombie but dissipated right before landing. "That can't be right." the druid thought to himself, could his primary source of damage be ineffectual against this beast? Up until this point the team for Mourningwood had "Kodi" on the ropes, but having their magic casters rendered useless, "Kodi" got the upper hand. "STOP!" Seal bellowed over the battle. "You heard the man, desist." Virgil told his minion. "well what do you think my lord, quality product right?"
"You sicken me."
"Still didn't answer my question, do you take back what you said before, about my minions being weak."
"No, this match proves nothing."
"UGH! Fine then, you leave me no choice...." Virgil declared annoyed stepping up on the tables where people were eating "HEAR ME, people of Mourningwood Glen I challenge you." He looked directly at Kenta and said this next part "Next weekend, My forces VS the whole of Mourningwood." The populace started clamoring and murmuring to themselves now, one particularly brave soul stood up and asked "why should we accept this challenge?"
"Because if you don't I will burn Mourningwood Glen to the ground." Virgil said and walked off toward the well "One week, best prepare yourselves."

"He may be out of his mind But some day you will find
That sanity's left us all blind And dragged us all behind"

"I cannot quench your thirst
Because even if you yearn for the truth, you refuse to believe in it.
I cannot quench your thirst
Because no such truth exists that you are in anticipation for.
But I still want to quench your thirst.
Because I am the one the that put you into the desert."
-Frederica Bernkastel

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