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 Post Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:00 pm 
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We welcome everyone to our very own Pirate Day! Here is the Manifesto!

A&S, Singing, RP, Costume, and Overall Enthusiasm Contests!: We will have a sheet where you can vote on yer crew for many categories and this is the start of that adventure! Contest will end at 6pm
Rum Throwing Contest! Ever wondered how far you can throw a bottle of rum?!?! Enter this contest and find out! Who knows, you might be good enough to win a prize! Contest will go on until all the rum has been drunk or rival pirates pillage the bottles!
Kiss a Pirate Photo Booth! This all day affair could be a very good affair, indeed... Or bad, depending on your flavor! A booth will be set up near our beloved tree and a photographer will be stationed to take snap shots of you and yer bonnie lass (or lad)! Solo shots are fine as well! But, capture this moment in history! We pirates need some lovin!
Make your own pirate patch class! Missing an eye and forgot your patch! Have no worries! Make one here! We’ll make extra for the latecomers after we condemn them to Davey Jone’s Locker!
WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN CLASS!!!!.... Wait, I mean TALK LIKE A PIRATE CLASS!: Get up to date on all the current Pirate lingo! Don’t go out there unprepared! We’ll practice all the best lines a pirate can say!

Grab Bag A&S held by Maialee: Each pirate and wench will have a mystery bag of supplies, to which they will construct anything their hearts desires! Questions will be answered and rules will be created, implemented, and possibly broken by our very own juicy Captain Maialee. Afterwards, entries will be entered into the Pirate Day A&S Contest, where they will not be judged by a panel of peers, but voted upon by your mateys! So, bring more friends and rack up more votes! For if ye foil, ye will WALK THE PLANK!!!
Catch a Wench Races! Each wench will have 5 or more flags she will have hidden in the depths of her seas (mwahahahaha). But, you can only get them if you catch the wench! Lure her in nicely and parley for her wares or chase her down like the scurvey dog she is! Whatever your technique, the pirate (and the wench) who ends of the day with the most flags is the winner! SHIVER ME TIMBERS!

“Feast”: What says “I like to plunder yer booty” like finger foods? Expect sandwiches, celery/carrots & ranch, chips and dip, and of course, cupcakes. We’re keeping it light for this event, for next week will be the Thanksgiving Feast where all the real good food will be served!
Pirate Sing Along: Several of our favorite tunes will be featured and lyrics passed out. For those of us Barbarians who cannot read, do not fear, the tunes are easy and the words familiar! Just hum along if ye must!

Pirate Attack! Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, attacked! Some pirates just have no respect!

Gemma’s Treasure Hunt! Stolen our booty, they have! How dare they, the lilly livered swash bucklers! We’ll show them! Follow the clues in Gemma’s handout (included) and get back our treasure!

Magnus’s Battle Game! Mysteries abound in the murky oceans! Follow the directions attached and endless, unbound adventures be yers for the taking!

Announcement of winners & giving of awards!

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