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 Post Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:31 pm 
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Upcoming Althing Agenda!

Here is a list of issues which have been causing unrest and other problems at park. Since no one took the initiative to approach me and give me their list/concerns, personally, I am compiling my own list based upon grumblings I've heard over the last few months and hopefully the park participation in the solution will be more active than the participation in the compilation, itself!

Topic 01: Illegal Substances at Park: I have begun the process of instating a Royal Guard whose duties entail more than just guarding and looking amazing in uniforms (to be released soon). I'm also going to start a program where, at least until we know the issue has passed, they will patrol the woods in shifts and in RP (which we all love) ensure the safety of the park in all ways possible (including from itself). As a side note, we can also incorporate this into battle games and create RP drama concerning their newfound presence. Ideas anyone?

Topic 02: Lack of RP: It has been brought to my attention that our once boisterous bounties of battle games have dwindled! I have tried encouraging more RP via the “Battle Game Grab Box” and contests encouraging the making of more games by the very people who desire their presence. So far, only a few of you have stepped up to the plate. So, we will discuss either further motivation techniques or alternative suggestions to promote a solution that will appease both the player who prefers to ditch versus the player who craves Battle Games and RP!

Topic 03: The Face Book Page: Though not an official tool, it has become an official pain in the rear! Issues with it have become a source of extreme dissension amongst the ranks and must be discussed before it spills over in the real world end of things! One line of discourse has been the building of a new page. The opposition to that is reluctant to see such history gone to the wayside. I want to hear what you think!

Topic 04: Park Officers: Here is your opportunity to tell us what you think of what we have or have not been doing. It will be an anonymous ballot where you put your opinions without any possibility of resentments or negative recourse. You don’t have to be a dues paid member to enter your opinion. Outside views are as important and often less biased than one could imagine. So, please don’t be shy.

Again, reminding you about the Ride Share Program, the Satyr Spam, the Royal Guard Line Up, the Battle Game Battle of Wits, the Hark the Herald-A-Thon, The Can Food Drive, the Metal Can o Run, the Garb Exchange Program, and all other upcoming events! PLEASE REMIND ME IF I MISSED ANYTHING!

And, of course, rules will be printed and given out at the meeting. This will be open format (with said discussions and approved last second additions only), involving all who attend (regardless of park affiliation and dues status) and therefore can get chaotic. So, we will have some simple rules to keep tempers low (not that I’m worried about that) as well as give everyone an opportunity to express their thoughts!

I look forward to fixing any and all potential issues and making this reign spectacular and I know you feel the same way! Huzzah KP!

P.S. I would like to have this on the 4th, but since I am announcing it so late, if anyone objects, please do so. If enough people are against it happening so soon, I will put it off to the required two week minimum.... Just remember that we do have many events scheduled and that would mean pushing it back to almost the end of March...

P.S.S. I don't have the best of internet connections. If you want to add anything to this agenda and aren't Facebook connected, text me at 817-797-1306. My phone sometimes likes this page... :)

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