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 Post Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:10 pm 

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Final Fantasy Food Drive Tourney
Hosted by Kel and Dakota

Two man teams. Both players must be present to register. Entry fee is four (4) cans of food per team. Food must be something you would want to eat yourself. Unacceptable food will be thrown at the head of whomever brought it by Dakota.

Tournament is IRON MAN. No classes or class abilities. Melee weapons only. Winning team stays in the ring and new opponents appear when the previous team is defeated. All wounds from the previous round are retained by the advancing team.
Two wins in a row by a team will result in them being given a Summon. The Summon will be randomly chosen for them by a non-combatant to keep the fighting going. A team may only possess one Summon at a time. Until a Summon is used, no more will be awarded for continued wins. The count for wins to gain a Summon starts when the previous Summon is expended (e.g. once the Summon is used, you have to win two in a row from that point. This includs the round the Summon was used in. Previous wins will not net another Summon immediately.)

Summon is an incantation that must be spoken. Unless otherwise specified, the summoned creature takes the place both fighters on the team when called. The summoned creature is dismissed when it is killed by the opposing team or the opposing team is dead (may not stay between rounds). When the Summon is dismissed, all previously living fighters are returned to the field with wounds healed. If a team member was dead, they are still dead unless otherwise specified.

“Creature I summon thee!” x2. May be used while engaged in combat. Any blow that lands prior to completing the summon counts. Any blow that lands after the incantation is complete is ignored.

Golem: 2 pts sectional armor. No weapon/shield restrictions.
Angel: No weapons, shield only. Summoning fighter continues to fight alongside the Summon. If the Angel defends a dead fighter for 20 seconds without being killed, the dead fighter is resurrected. Angel may not be more than 5 feet from the dead warrior. The summoning fighter's wounds are NOT healed.
Familiar: Joins the summoning team instead of replacing them. Single sword, no armor, no shield. When dismissed, the summoning group's wounds are healed.
Troll: 30 second limb regeneration. Limit: no shields.
Skeleton Warrior: 1 pt armor. No weapon/shield restrictions.
Minotaur: 4 pts sectional armor. Limit: may only wield daggers.
Zombie: May continue to fight until all limbs are disabled. 60 second limb regeneration until all limbs are disabled at the same time. Limit: no shields.

Wins will be tallied by Dakota.
Reeving will be performed by Kel and Dakota.

The winning team will be presented with a pair of swords made by Wovoka.

Volunteers for Monsters should report to Dakota on April 15th.

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