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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:52 pm 

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Location: Red Storm, EH
Nichiro strolls through the small yet growing caravan of red storm. Looking on at all the newly found friends. He realizes it has been nearly two years since he was last at the Kingdom of the Wet lands, much has happened since then.

The household of lycan hunters was newly formed, yet before it was a small group running about killing them as fast as they could but not getting much. The wagon the household purchased from a passerby Nichiro looks at.

The wagon has wolf pelts dangling down from the canvas covering. The few members at the wagon nod as Nichiro walks by. Each member has a belt favor made of leather with a Celtic wolf tooled into it.

the ring in the pouch, Greg says through Nichiro's head 'So it's been what 8 months since you first met and formed the group with them?'

'yep bout that' Nichiro says in his head without much thought.

((ooc: The ring is a magical ring with imbuing powers if you've seen some of my other posts you know bout it. if not, you'll learn soon enough. And it talks to me, will be designated by a single ' stating things in the mind instead of the " whole out loud talking.))

Udories, Cuchulain, and Konda all three have belt favors and a single silver weapon to their person. Nichiro also has a belt favor and his pole arm which was broken a year ago before last winter is now a short sword with the bone of a Dracolitch Red Storm and Five Banners decimated the other week along with the Crimson dragon. That Crimson dragon brought back memories of years ago when Nevevarowen decided to have Nichiro become her pet. The Crimson dragon brought down here in the Emerald Hills had nothing to do with Nev, but just as he promised his master he was given a clean death and allowed to rot with his hide on. Nichiro always walked with his newly handled sword worn around his waist and the Twin daggers just around his back.

A walk had been on his mind since the day of the dragons and the group of hunters knew that. A sparkle in his eye told the group he was going to head out for a walk. They began to stand and follow, yet he stopped them with his right hand and a few words, "This walk is not exactly needing protection." The group knew of the increased population of lycans and goblins banding together. Yet they allowed this lonely walk.

Nichiro walked out of the caravan circle swiftly wearing his brigandine finished nearly a week ago, just before the dragon incident.


Few hours after Sunset Nichiro found himself atop a moderately sized mountain.

((ooc: Chandler park kinda area.))

The trek to the top was a slight challenge considering he found a small game trail to find that lead him to the top. Once there the trees were spaced out greatly. The half moon was nicely lighting up the area, no clouds in sight, and owls hooting.

As Nichiro traveled the area a wolves howl can be heard a long ways out.

'Could that be the last of the generals?'

'No the pitch is off, but it could be a lycan but I'm more than certain it was a wolf.'

The wind blows towards the howl and Nichiro's surcoat tail flows in the cool wind along with his hair.

~Tread softly when passing a sleeping dragon, for ye are tasty when fried and dipped in chocolate.~

Kyto Nichiro "Cheeto" is the name.
Enjoy fighting all day a living the ache the next day.
He who talks to a ring.

 Post Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:45 pm 
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We had been tracking the caravan for quite a while now. Working with wolves was always frustrating as they seem to think that they were better than everyone else. I'd had to put two of them down just last night to keep the pack in order. My shoulder was still sore from where the one with real spirit had bitten me.

We came close this morning, just before dawn. That's when the wolves, already spooked from the fight the night before, sensed silver. I think that if those other two were still around, I would have lost them for good. We settled down to wait for nightfall, and then we would feed and feed well.

That's when I noticed the brave one. Well, either he was brave or had a death wish. He waved the others off when they moved to accompany him and then leisurely strode into the forest. I couldn't believe my luck.

We spent the rest of the day trailing this one. I left half of the pack behind to watch over the caravan while I took two with me. Their noses were better than mine for following a scent. He seemed to be wandering, almost as if here were only taking in the sites in a pleasant park. Following him was something that a pup barely out of his milk-teeth could have followed.

When he finally found his way up a mountain, I felt it was time to take him. He wouldn't be able to flee easily. I sent the wolves around the clearing with instructions to keep him from fleeing in that direction. I could have strangled the two when one of them let cry a hunting howl well before they were into position.

The prey had wandered into a clearing by that time I felt it was time. The half moon shed just enough light to confuse the eyes of one not used to hunting with more than sight. With a roar, I charged.

Lord Malran Singollo
Duke of Dreadmoor
Patriarch, House Singollo
Lettusio-Rex, Dreadmoor Fey Jackalope
Member of the House of H.O.P.S.

 Post Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:00 am 
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Hey guys, I love the stories and it's cool that you are posting them here. There is however a RP story area up above *points* ...would be great to post the already posted story AND the continuing story line there ;) that way everyone gets to read it since not all come here. Thanks.

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