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 Post Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:58 am 

Joined: Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:24 am
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Dragon Master
Dragon Master will be held on September 6th, 2014.

It will be held at Old Settler's Recreation Center in McKinney, TX. This will be indoors (with AC). The competition will not be a secretive process. It will be open to people to come inside. We ask that you be respectful (aka not disruptive).
1201 E. Louisiana St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Expect further information from Stormageddon about fighting activities that will be occurring throughout the day.

Court will be happening later in the day at this location. Axident will be posting details about such.

    Dragon (Performance, Cooking, Art, Writing)
    Garber (Things made to be worn excluding armor.)
    Owl (things constructed; Armor, Swords, Tables, Castles, Chests)
    Smith (Battlegame Ideas, Write-Ups for Events, Monster class ideas, Fundraiser ideas, websites, rose type entries as well)

  • You will be allowed to enter 10 entries per Category.
  • Points will be a 0-5 point scale. 2.5 will be average. Entries scoring above 3.5 will have 3.5 subtracted from the score and the remainders will be added to determine final overall score (nothing new in this bullet point for those familiar with A&S in the EH).
  • Any entries that score below 1.5 will subtract from the overall score.
  • Doors will open at 12:30. Entries must be on site and on one of the designated tables by 1:30. One of the guard members will get in the line for signing in the entries at 1:30 (if you are in line and have not signed your items in yet, you will still be allowed to enter.) Special considerations may be considered, but you will need to contact me or somebody onsite before the cutoff.

  • Keep your write up simple. The judges do not need to know how long it took you, how long you have been working on this skill, time spent on this particular project, or how many awards that you have.
  • Expect to present your items to the judges, answer questions and get some feedback immediately.
  • Please come in with realistic expectations. If you are entering a spectacular belt favor, do not expect a 5. If you are entering the entire outfit for the King or Queen at a renn faire (and it is very well made) then a 5 is much more realistic for that.
  • Judges will be asked to give extensive feedback.
  • To help prevent any favoritism (real or perceived), Judges comments will not be anonymous


 Post Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:00 am 

Joined: Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:24 am
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Somebody sent me a few questions about DragonMaster. I'm answering them here so that the answers are available to everybody.
Hello i have a few questions about the dragon master event next month.

1. What category would a shield fall under?

Construction (traditionally Construction: Shield; but I changed things up a bit)

2. How much of a cooked item is needed to be judged?

Most of the judges are likely to only have a couple of bites... that being said, often times the judges appreciate seeing what the completed plate will look like as well. There will not be more than 5 judges so at most enough food for five plates. you could probably get away with only 3 plates (possibly be ok with only a single plate or 2 plates... but your taking chances that the judges will think you were ill prepared)

3. Will there be a way to warm cooked food?

There is a full kitchen on site. If you were able to come (I understand if you can't), you could actually just fix the dish on site. Please be considerate of each other if making use of the kitchen area. Also, be aware that the Kitchen is in the same (albeit large) room as the judges. Don't make them think less of you or your entries via your behavior. Most certainly, don't make me remove anybody from the competition because of behavior.

4. Is a bardic song considered writing for the dragon category?

It is either Writing or Performance. Depending on the presentation. If you just present us with the written down version of the song then it would be writing. If Performing it... well, it's a performance and will be judged as such.
If you are doing it as a written entry, let the judges know what the tune is. Preferably I won't be judging, I'll just be running it. If I were Judging, then I would prefer to see sheet music to go with it; if you are entering it as 'I wrote this song...' but saying this is to be sung to the tune of "Whatever song's melody I stole," that would be acceptable. If it can stand alone as a poem, then you should consider entering it as such.

Additional notes based on the above questions

You should think about how you want the judges to look at the items you are entering. If you want them to focus on how amazingly pretty the shield is, then you could enter it as art. Just keep in mind that entering a shield (or a place setting where you threw the pottery yourself) as art, that it could potentially be up against an oil painting.

      Function and durability tend to be primary factors in Construction.

Shields (real or Amtgard legal), Swords (real or Amtgard legal), Armor, Tables, Chests, Flags, Castle Walls, Even forging cutlery (silverware), plates, Banners, etc... Things you build that aren't garb.
      Garb is judged on a multitude of factors: aesthetics, durability being among the most important

Belt Favors, Tunics, Tabards, Cloaks, Monster Garb, Hats, full Outfits... things you wear that are not intended as Armor
      Dragons are for art... this is more than simply looking pretty

Performances, Food, Writing, 2d & 3d Art are the typical things that fall into this area.
      Smith is ridiculously similar to Rose

Look in the Rulebook under Ladder Awards or in the Corpora so find the specific differences between Smith and Rose. If you have been paying attention to AS in our kingdom for a while you might notice that most things we accept as Rose entries would be better classified as Smith.

I hope this helps.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible on the 6th. We will work hard to be able to announce the winner and hand out awards that evening at Court. There will be battlegames and such being run by the Champion and we will have AC for those of you who want to get out of the heat or come watch the A&S competition.


 Post Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:29 am 

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If I am planning to enter a food entry to be prepared on site, do I have to tell you what item I am entering by the entry deadline or do I have to be finished with the cooking preparation by the entry deadline?

 Post Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:55 am 

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Dailyn wrote:

If I am planning to enter a food entry to be prepared on site, do I have to tell you what item I am entering by the entry deadline or do I have to be finished with the cooking preparation by the entry deadline?

You MUST have your entries signed in by the deadline. There will be kitchen area available but we don't have unlimited kitchen area and it is a public area so keep that in mind when bringing in your food entries. You probably want to do most of your prep work at home, but things that are best waiting until the last possible moment still do those on site. Also if you want to keep some of your cooking steps secret, Public area, we won't run people off for you.

Those warnings aside, if you want to do a 5 course meal and serve the first part and then start cooking course 2, remember to share the kitchen area.


 Post Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:28 pm 

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Breakdown of the scores will be posted by Sunday afternoon.

If anybody who entered would like the notes that were entered about your items and/or the score breakdowns please send me a private message with your email address.


 Post Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:42 pm 
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Does that mean we're waiting until Sunday afternoon for all results???

Ahhh the torture!

Nexus Crow: "Please don't let your Amtgard titles be the only thing that's going for's sad."

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 Post Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:00 am 

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Yeap. Exactly what that means.

You will get your results before that.

I want all the contestants to get to see their scores before their friends do, but I don't want to drag this out forever either... so Sunday afternoon everybody gets to know whether any/all of the contestants have contacted me or not.

(BTW 2 down, 20 to go...)


 Post Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:12 pm 
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i'm curious, what did everyone think of the new format?

 Post Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 9:32 pm 

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I for one really enjoyed this format. Instant gratification for the win! Thank you again Wallflower, AJ, and Elder for taking the time to give constructive criticism and judge.

 Post Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:39 am 

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Click Here for the Results of Dragon Master XXXV

Spoiler! :
1 Calandra Princess Mononoke Theme Song Dragon Performance 2.667
2 Calandra A Painting of our Dear Magnus Dragon painting 2.9
3 Calandra A Mundane Pad to Remind You of Amtgard Dragon 2-d Art 2.667
4 Calandra The Heraldry of Calandra Dragon 2-d Art 3.067
5 Calandra Emerald Hills Leather Patch Dragon 2-d Art 2.833
6 Calandra Keys to the Kingdom Smith Donation 2.733
7 Calandra Squire's Belt of Calandra Garber/Owl Belt 3.25
8 Magnus Sword Owl Amtgard Weapon 2.333
9 Magnus Dagger Owl Amtgard Weapon 2.233
10 Magnus Greed Demon Dragon 2-d Art 3.25
11 Magnus Ceremonial Hatchet Dragon Bone Axe 3-d art 3.333
12 Magnus Elf Lord Dragon 2-d Art 3.583
13 Magnus Dragon Dragon 2-d Art 3.266
14 Magnus Warlock Dragon 2-d Art 3.75
15 Magnus Old One Dragon 2-d Art 3.583
16 Magnus Sunday, Sundae, Sunday Dragon Writing 2.35
17 Magnus Champion's Bag Smith Donation 3.16
18 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Trust Me Dragon Performance 3.667
19 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Everyone's a hero Dragon Performance 4.35
20 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Flower's in the doorway Dragon Writing 3.25
21 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Straight on til morning Dragon Writing 3.5
22 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Dreams and Demons Dragon Writing 3.767
23 Alphonse "The Winklet" Deoso Moments on a Bridge Dragon Writing 4.15
24 Gale A bird Painting Dragon 2-d Art 3.783
25 Gale Leather Bracer Owl Armor 3.483
26 Gale Sweet Stuffed Peppers Dragon Food 3.083
27 Gale Cashew Chicken Dragon Food 3.05
28 Gale Striped Pants Garber Fighting Garb 4.08.
29 Gale Scroll - Dreamkeeper Smith Donation 4.5
30 Gale With Fear of the Devil Dragon Performance 3.383
31 Gale Persona Bio Dragon Writing 2.75
32 Gale leather tablet case Dragon 3-D Art 3.55
33 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #1 Dragon Performance 3.85
34 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #2 Dragon Performance 3.833
35 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #3 Dragon Performance 3.833
36 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #4 Dragon Performance 3.817
37 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #5 Dragon Performance 3.917
38 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #6 Dragon Performance 3.25
39 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #7 Dragon Performance 4.283
40 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #8 Dragon Performance 3.5
41 Nightengale The Nightie Knight Show #9 Dragon Performance 3.65
42 Grok Drink to the sword Dragon Performance 2.933
43 Bloodmoon Monk Dragon Drawing 3.667
44 Bloodmoon Wizard Dragon 2-d Art 3.7
45 Bloodmoon Barbarian Dragon 2-d Art 3.633
46 Bloodmoon Quintar and Bloodmoon Dragon 2-d Art 3.75
47 Bloodmoon Adventurers Dragon 2-d Art 3.6
48 Bloodmoon the Grand Dame Dragon 2-d Art 3.617
49 Bloodmoon Druid Dragon 2-d Art 3.833
50 Bloodmoon The Art'n Dragon 2-d Art 3.8
51 Bloodmoon Magically Ever after Dragon Writing 3.333
52 Bloodmoon Entrée ; Short Ribs Dragon Cooking 3.833
59 Rorek Sword of Flame Owl Amtgard Weapon 3.117
60 Alby Monarch Crown Dragon 3-d Art 4.533
61 Alby Regent Crown Dragon 3-d Art 4.5
62 Alby Pawprint Belt Garb Garb accessory 4.267
63 Axident Man at Arms Belt Garb Garb accessory 4.383
64 Axident Greaves Owl Armor 4.233
65 Axident 2d Art Dragon 2-d Art 4.15
67 Axident Stars Dragon Performance 3.567
68 Axident Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Dragon Performance 3.25
69 Mouse Threadbearer Tabard Garb Fighting 2.583
70 Mouse Threadbearer Pouch Garb Accessory 2.983
71 Mouse Threadbearer Wizard Robes Garb Fighting 3.483
72 Mouse Threadbearer C'thulu Belt Pouch Garb Accessory 2.833
73 Mouse Threadbearer Reeves Belt Garb Accessory 2.917
74 Mouse Threadbearer Green Dress Garb Court 2.583
75 Mouse Threadbearer Blue Jacket Garb Court 2.917
76 Mouse Threadbearer Cream Colored Poet Shirt Garb Court 2.5
77 Mouse Threadbearer Green Jacket Garb Court 3.233
78 Mouse Threadbearer Maroon Shirt Garb Court 2.533
79 Mouse Threadbearer Corpse Doll Monster Class Smith Monster Class 3.4
80 Mouse Threadbearer Cupcake Hammer Owl Amtgard Weapon 2.833
81 Mouse Threadbearer Axe Owl Amtgard Weapon 2.983
82 Mouse Threadbearer Mouse Shield Owl Shield 2.917
83 Mouse Threadbearer Torches and Flaming Banners Owl Banner 2.983
84 Mouse Threadbearer Crocheted "t" Owl Banner 3.133
85 Mouse Threadbearer The Mouse, The Wolf and the Cat Dragon Writing 2.333
86 Mouse Threadbearer The Song of Sewing Dragon Writing 3.383
87 Draeous Axe Owl Amtgard Weapon 3.15
88 Delane Forsaken Dragon Dragon 2-d Art 3.467
89 Taren Wolf Burning Banners (battlegame suggestion) Smith Battlegame 3.417
90 Shephan Fox Kitsune (monster class) Smith Monster Class 1.233
91 Terra Necklace 1 Dragon jewelery 3.083
92 Terra Necklace 1 Dragon jewelery 3.083
93 Christanthum Volpendesta Dryad's Den Banner Owl Passive Construction 2.833
94 Christanthum Volpendesta Necklace Dragon jewelery 2.417
95 Christanthum Volpendesta Blue Dress Garb Court 3.067
96 Christanthum Volpendesta Black and White outfit Garb Court 2.917
97 Tyrle De Felis Swirly Cowl Garb Accessory 2.833
98 Tyrle De Felis Cabled Hat Garb Accessory 3.15
99 Tyrle De Felis C'thulu Plushie Owl Passive Construction 3.383
100 Honey Bunny Elven Court Dance Dragon Performance (Inst) 2.75
101 Atheris Dagger 1 Owl Amtgard Weapon 3.483
102 Atheris Dagger 2 Owl Amtgard Weapon 3.433
103 Atheris Lizard Man Monster Garb Garb Monster Garb 4.9
104 Whitey Leather Bracers Owl Armor 3.533
105 Whitey Chain Maille Tunic Owl Armor 4.267


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