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 Post subject: Dragon Master 39
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:16 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:14 pm
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Dragonmaster is going to be held September 3rd at Boggy Depot in Atoka as part of our Midreign event as we have been doing for a while now. This has been on the calendar for a while now.
Dragonmaster will follow the same basic format as it did last time, no surprises.

Sign in will be at 11:00 with the tournament beginning at 12:00.

At the time of sign in all entries will be placed in a holding area where they will sit until it is time for you to be judged (with the exception of cooking entries).
All Items will be presented to the judges and there will be no anonymity.

You will be given a time slot when you sign in and will be expected to present your item(s) to the judges at your time given. For every item you enter you will be given 3 minutes, if necessary. The first minute will be used to present the item, and the following 2 minutes will be used for the judges to ask any questions they might have about the item. After you have presented all of your items the judges will then have time (length depends on the number of items entered) to deliberate the items and to produce scores. During this time, feedback of your items will be noted and the contestant will receive a copy of all of the judges comments. Performance pieces will be given more time based on the length of the piece.

Being as this is a camping event I assume all cooking entries will be made on site or made ahead of time, so presenting these at your allotted time should not be an issue (If it is, please let me know ahead of time and we can work out accommodations).

If you are unable to attend the event and still wish to enter, you may appoint somebody to present for you (this could even include them just reading off a typed write up that you have written).

Categories and rules:


There could be up to 5 judges and entrants will need to provide enough of each entry for all of them to taste. Be prepared to have a way to maintain your own dish until it can be judged (hot/cold). Bring plates, cups and utensils if they will be needed to judge your entry.
• Appetizer: A dish intended to be served as an appetizer.
• Main: Course: A dish intended to be served as a main course.
• Dessert: A dish intended to be served as a dessert.
• Other: A dish or drink that does not fit into any other category.

*Crafted: Home brewed, fermented, or otherwise crafted alcoholic beverages fall into this category.
*Mixed: Not home brewed, but utilizing a specific recipe. If the recipe is original to you, please note such details in your presentation.


Please include 5 copies of all writing entries.

• Factual: Writing that presents factual information such as a process, event or research of some kind. Examples would be weaponsmithing instructions, a recounting of an Amtgard event or a history of the Mongols. When presenting researched information, it is a good idea to cite references and give credit.
• Fictional: Writing that is not intended to be factual such as persona histories and stories.
• Poetry: Poetic verse.
• Publications: Published works such as newsletters, books, collections of articles, etc. These entries are judged on the editorial content only, such as presentation, suitability of the collection, format, etc. It is not necessary that the entrant have written every article. However, articles should never be published without the author's consent and credit should be given. Any work not done by the entrant should be noted.


• Singing: A vocal presentation with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Oratory: A vocal presentation with no expectation of rhythm or pitch; i.e. Storytelling, jokes and theatrical pieces.
• Instrumental: A musical presentation performed on an instrument with some expectation of rhythm and pitch.
• Dance
: A presentation of bodily movement with some expectation of rhythm.


• 2-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from only one side such as drawings, paintings, stained glass, relief carving, computer graphics, etc.
• 3-D Art: Art intended to be viewed from at least 3 sides such as sculptures, painted miniatures, stuffed animals, blown glass, etc.
People often enter things into this category that would do better in Passive Construction. 3-D art is judged primarily on artistic presentation; Passive Construction is judged primarily on construction. A stained glass box would go into either 3-D Art of Passive Construction depending on what the entrant wanted to focus.


• Fighting: A major item of garb intended to be worn in battle such as tunics, pants, tabards, shirts, etc.
• Court: A major item of garb not intended to be worn in battle such as dresses, doublets, cloaks, etc.
• Monster: A major item of garb that would qualify as garb for a monster in the Amtgard Rulebook.
• Favor: A garb accessory intended to be worn on one's belt.
• Jewelry: A garb accessory intended to be worn as jewelry such as crowns, coronets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
• Accessory: A minor item of garb such as hats, belts, shoes, bracers, etc. that would not fit into another category.


• Passive: Something not intended to go onto the battlefield such as boxes, steel weapons, decorative wooden weapons, stuffed animals, etc. This is a category for constructed items that would not fit into another category.
• Active: Something intended to be used on the battlefield such as ballistae, bows, fighting wands or throwing mugs. This is a generic category for things that would not fit into armor, weapon, or shield construction yet are still intended for rough battlefield use.

• Armor: Something that would qualify as armor by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as padded armor, gambeson, chainmail, brigantine, greaves, thigh plates, helmets (although they would not actually count as armor), etc.
• Weapon: Something that would qualify as a weapon by the rulebook standards in Amtgard such as sword, spear, arrows, rocks, throwing daggers, madus, etc.
• Shield: Something that would qualify as a shield by rulebook standards in Amtgard.
• Banner: Something intended to be used as a banner and judged on construction and appearance.


• No items that have been given awards or have been entered in a previous Dragon Master may be entered.

• Limit of 2 entries per category.

• Cooking Entries – Bring all necessary serving utensils including plates and/or bowls.

• Written Entries – All entries, except publications, must be 5 pages or less and 5 copies must be provided.

We will be using the 0-5 point scale. 3.5 will be deducted from item score and positive remainder will be applied towards a contestant’s overall Dragonmaster score. Example, an item scoring 4.0 will result in a contestant having 0.5 added to their overall score. Contestant with the highest overall score will be the victor. No bonus points will be given for winning individual categories. No more than two entries per category, per entrant, will be judged.

 Post subject: Re: Dragon Master
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:36 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:14 pm
Posts: 87
A few answers to some questions I've received.

Is the required item presentation phase being judged?

No, this is just a question answer time to help the judges and provide the contestant an opportunity to tell the judges stuff about their entry that is not immediately visible. The judges don't need to be told how you did it, unless you used a non-standard method. Anything you did to increase the challenge level should also be mentioned, for example if you grew the vegetables that went into your dish that should be mentioned as should things like hand spinning your own thread or tanning your own leather.

What if I have something unique or special and I don't know what category it should be entered in?

Just ask. We're not out to get you on a competition technicality. If the judges believe an item might be miss-categorized they will question that during the presentation phase and the item will be given the opportunity to change categories.

I'm not good at speaking, do I still have to present in person?

Unless it falls under bardic you do not. You could provide a written entry or get someone else to present for you. As the person that created the entry you're the best source of question/answer about your entry. This is mostly an opportunity to help your item get scored appropriately.

How many items do I need to enter to win?

Well that depends on many things, so its very hard to answer, but I'll try.
If you enter 1 thing and it scores an 5 you earn 1.5 points. If no one else manages to earn 1.5 points or more you win. This is highly unlikely, but technically possible.
My advice is to present your best items in the categories you're most confident. Remember this is Dragonmaster and the competition will be very challenging.

How will the items be judged?
A panel of judges will score the item in 4 categories : Execution, Complexity, relevance/period and Aesthetic

Each of those will be weighted separately. The weighted scores will combine to make the final overall score for the item. The weights will be Execution 40% - Complexity 40% - relevance/period 10% - Aesthetic 10%. The overall score is the one that will be presented and its what will factor into the number of points earned in the competition.

 Post subject: Re: Dragon Master
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:51 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:14 pm
Posts: 87
Thank you to all who participated in Dragon Master! Special thanks to all my judges it would not have been possible without you.

Congrats winners!
First place – Mezzy
Second place – Eggshen
Third place – Atheris

I like a moose 3.5425
Emerald Hills 3.595
Total points: 0.1375

Cookies 3.3725
Soup 3.6875
Total points: 0.1875

Garnet Heart 3.493
Honey Dew Me 3.449
Leapis 3.395
Mask 4.415
Minotaur 3.7025
Pecan Pie 3.532
Tawny 3.037
Total points: 1.1495

Scissor Holster 4.1375
Total points: 0.6375

Tunic 4.135
Total points: 0.635


MWG Banner 4.3825
Total points: 0.8825

Apricot Mead 3.305
Mala 3.275
Monster Throwy 4.10375
Pole 3.89125
Shield 4.46
Water of Life 3.985
Water Sign 3.3825
Total points: 2.44

Amazon Belt Favor 4.175
Bob the Dragon 3.94375
Champion Coat 4.3025
Coyote Story 3.28
Fucked Up Tunic 4.22
KP Banner 3.9725
Master Rose Coat 4.83
Pictoral 1.88625
Ship of Roses 2.335
Sword Covers 3.59
War Dancer Belt Favor 3.24875
White Belt Favor 3.2375
Wrap Pant 3.985
Total points: 5.01875

Bat 2.765
Into the Jungle 2.85
Moon 3.325
Rings 3.25125
Skull Butterfly 3.7
Sphynx 3.48875
Sun 3.48875
Total points: 0.2

Small is not Defeated 3.37
Total points: 0

Master Favor 3.4375
Total points: 0

 Post subject: Re: Dragon Master
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:55 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:14 pm
Posts: 87
If you wish your breakdowns and comments please PM me with your email address and I will provide those to you.

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