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i've taken a lot of amtgard pictures over the years and nowi am fully armed with a scanner.. i will add more at whim.. and might even label new stuff.. if i feel like it.. anyway.. by unpopular demand..

Taldak's midreignSome pictures from taldak's midreign. These are Really Old. This event was out at the four winds renaissance fair outside of Tyler, TX.
Spring War IV: Trenches
Spring War IV: War
Spring War IV: Miscellaneous
Spring War 4 - I had to sit out, so i have many, many rolls of film.
Clu's qualificationsSaturday was Midnight Sun (Garland, TX) and Sunday was Eagleshire (Denton, TX).
Random qualificationsThese are from the qualification we had out at the Midnight Sun A-frame, but i don't know when, if anybody knows, pass on the info please
Eagleshire..and of course, my home park..
so, i finally put up some more picture.. here they are (in no particular order)
here is the first round of pix from banner wars (5/18)
..and the pictures of the actual war (5/21)
Here are the Pie In The Face pictures that I have, enjoy...(7/5/00)
Here are some old pictures i scanned on whim..(7/15/00)

drumroll please...
2/28/01... here are my pictures from winter war in kentucky which was duchy of the rising winds vs barony of the far woods.. we had over 200 amtgardians in a park east of the mississippi! cool...
if you are Really Brave and have Gobs of Bandwidth, you can look at them in a single page but i'm warning you, there are 48 images, some of which are Huge...

10/24/01 - Announcing the much anticipated Pictures from Clan! (These are mostly from the knights and squires tournies)
More to come...