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Sir Scytale 2007
Main Amtgard resources:

Kingdom Specific resources:
  • Corpora of May 28, 2017: Word DOC | PDF The governing guidelines and operating rules of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills.  Includes descriptions of officeholders and their duties, subgroup restrictions, awards, etc.
    *Previous version last updated December 4, 2016:
  • Articles of Incorporation 2000: PDF
    The Articles of Incorporation for the corporation known as 'Amtgard, Kingdom of the Emerald Hills'. Approved and recorded by the State of Texas on Oct. 2, 2000.
  • Kingdom Fundraising Guidelines: Word DOC
  • EH Violence Zero Tolerance Policy: HTML
  • EH Documents: HTML Historical and current EH documents including Park contracts, Burning Lands contracts, old corporas, and the Confederacy Addendum.
  • EH Awards Templates: Sutra's Templates A project to make an easy to use set of kingdom specific award templates.

Random Resources: