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Kingdom Officers

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Sutra, Grand Inquisitor. For more pics click here.
The High Officers of Reign 58
Monarch  Duke Bjorn Banhammer
Regent  Baroness Dailyn
Champion  Flint
Prime Minister  Baroness Amethyst Panther
GM of Reeves  Reginald D Chinchillington 3rd
The Class Guildmasters of Reign 58
Anti-Paladins  Trinity
Archers  Dakota Crownstealer
Assassins  Atheris
Barbarians  Brocktree
Bards  Alphonse
Color Yufuki
Druids  Gale
Healers  Marceline
Knights  Forest
Monks  Tiberius DarkTigger
Monsters  Elder
Paladins  Elder
Scouts  Nicodemus
Warriors  Bloodwood
Wizards  Nicodemus
Other Recurring Positions
COM Rules Representative Elder Vermilion
Warmaster 58 Alby Kazan
Dragonmaster 40 Egg Shen
Weaponmaster 58 Alby Kazan
The BOD  Position   Term Expires 
Duke Bjorn Banhammer (Monarch) Tim Lewis

JUNE 2017
Baroness Dailyn  AnnaMarie Morasse

JUNE 2017
Sir Elder Vermilion John Elder
DEC 2017
Sir Tiberius DarkTigger
Dave Lessman
DEC 2017
Sir Forest Evergreen Austin Harmon
JUNE 2017
Baroness Amethyst Panther (PM)  Sara Lewis

SEP 2017
Duke Solithan Andrew Valetutto
JUNE 2017
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