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Introduction to Amtgard:

Last Updated: 19 March 2002
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Duke Elder at the park. For more pics click here.
Cover of the Amtgard 7.2 rulebook. What is Amtgard?
Amtgard is a not for profit, non-sectarian group devoted to recreating elements of the medieval, ancient, and fantasy genres. The thrust of Amtgard is both recreational and educational, with major group efforts devoted to reconstruction of medieval combat. Amtgard weapons are safe, foam padded replicas of the real things.
What does it take to be in Amtgard?
The minimum requirement to play is to be older than 14 years of age, to fill out an information sheet and waiver (available in the Library) and if under the age of 18 have a parent or legal guardians legal consent. It is also encouraged to get a copy of the rulebook, have a medieval costume, and create a history for yourself in the game.
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