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Introduction to Amtgard:

Last Updated: 20 March 2002
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Lady Allys'siandra. For more pics click here.
The Amtgard Atlas lists locations throughout the World. Where is Amtgard?
Amtgard is an international organization. Amtgard gatherings can be found throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.
The Dallas based group's parks can be found in:  
 Arlington   Denton 
  Garland   Wichita Falls  
Additional information on where Amtgard is played under the banner of the Emerald Hills can be found on our Parks page.
The staple of Amtgard gaming is normally in local city parks.  However, several times a year we invent excuses (Coronation, Midreign, World Banner Wars!, etc) for weekend-long camping events.  On those occasions members of the Texas Emerald Hills groups gather at the Tanglewood Forest event site in Corsicana.  Other's major events are typically held at state Parks, National Parks, or (on occasion) privately owned farmlands.
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