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Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

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Rayel the Reeve
Rulebook Snowy The 'Current' Amtgard rules that everyone plays by.

Amtgard Monster Supplement, Dor Un Avathar X, released 2-22-2016.

Due to COVID-19, The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills is not able to meet in person at this time. As such, the calendar of events and local meetings will be determined by the monarchy; contact your local park on facebook or discord to determine how to meet up!

Defeat friends and strangers in a medieval fantasy setting at a park near you. NO dice. NO required fees. NO regrets. Fun for all ages.

EH'rs at Spring War 2006

More than just fighting ...

Whether it's camping, singing, socializing, building, traveling, or just playing the game, there's something in Amtgard for everyone...