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Introduction to Amtgard:
How and Who

Last updated:  20 March 2002
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Dame Nightengael and Eagleshires Banner. For more pics click here.
How long has Amtgard been around?
Amtgard was founded in 1983 and has since spread throughout the world. The Dallas group was the second Kingdom of Amtgard and has been around since 1988.
Who Plays Amtgard?
People from all ages and their families can participate in Amtgard. Amtgard includes:
Scytale armored Headpiece.
  • Competitive Combat
  • Building safe weapons, shields, and armor for play
  • Medieval clothing construction
  • Wood crafts
  • Metal crafts
  • Singing, poetry and writing
  • Theatrical performance
  • Role-play
  • Many other cultural aspects of the Medieval lifestyle.
  • Weekly gatherings for games fighting and fun.
  • Periodic gatherings of the members of the Kingdom for weekend long events, including tournaments, quests, cultural competitions and courts.
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